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Amazing Project – Brand New Carpet In 350-Year-Old London Theatre

Hot news from London flooring contractors! The information concerns The Theatre Royal Drury Lane. This is a super famous London landmark, that has been delivering live entertainment for over 350 years. London flooring experts have learned that as a part of recent restoration procedure, professionals from Bollin Valley Flooring Services of Macclesfield have installed an amazing, high-quality bespoke axminster carpet. The carpet is 750 sqm and is from Wilton Carpets Commercial. Learn more details:

  • London flooring contractors installed the brand new carpet in the stairways, landing, entrance and the Grand Saloon. The wonderful carpet reflects the marvellous interior of the theatre, its magnificence and splendour.
  • London flooring experts explain that the 11-row axminster underlines exceptional clarity in design. London flooring specialists claim that the carpet is able to retain its excellent appearance despite the heavy footfall.
  • As a unique London flooring solution, designers decided to create a combination of Wilton’s selection of stock colours.
  • London flooring contractors reveal, that the initial plan was to install wood flooring in the Grand Saloon. It was the solution many centuries before.
  • London flooring specialists were always concerned about the acoustics of the premises. So, they tried to find a London flooring solution complied with the history and the modern requirements.
  • As a result London flooring contractors chose a carpet that left the wood floor exposed around the edges of the room.
  • London flooring specialists knew, that timber floor acts as a frame to a beautiful piece of artwork. It’s interesting to mention, that the design includes greens, reds, blues and a wonderful gold that offset the recreated Wyatt colour scheme. This amazing scheme is with architectural gilding and green marble.
  • London flooring contractors mention also that Wilton Carpets Commercial also added a stair runner, but at a late stage of the project. This was the request of designers.

In conclusion, we may say that the entire project received an award for Best Restoration of a Georgian Interior by the Georgian Group.

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