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Amtico Fused Birch

  • Sizes: 114mm x 915mm (4.5″ x 36″), 152 x 915 (6″ x 36″), 457mm x 457mm (18″ x 18″) Thickness: 2.5mm Edge: Bevelled Colour: Light
  • Description: Fused Birch has a linear grain imitating the effect of an engineered wood. The soft neutral tones and subtle natural sheen make it an ideal choice when clean lines are key to your design. This wood looks great in a variety of formats, from simple stripwood to square tiles with an alternating grain to make a statement.


The Flooring Group provides Amtico Flooring. Please visit our flooring showrooms to view our extensive Amtico range; The Islington Flooring Company, The Kensington Flooring Company, The Hampstead Flooring Company & The Knightsbridge Flooring Company.