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Apprentices From Floorskills

Floorskills trainer Daniel Fairhurst tells how Matt Bourne and other colleagues from Floorskills came to the rescue after Severn Motor Yacht Club House in Worcester was flooded:
Refurbishments after flood damage can be costly and time-consuming. It can often be weeks or months before organisations are fully up and running again.
Businesses with adequate insurance cover can avoid much of the cost, but for clubs and associations which don’t have access to insurance the situation can be much more serious.

Even when covered by insurance, floods can cause major problems in buildings which have been booked for weddings, events and conferences soon after the deluge; and the recovery process can be lengthy and not always straight forward.
Not only is there the financial cost, but imagine the disappointment if the venue for your wedding or 50th birthday celebration cannot be used until the necessary trades are able to make a building serviceable again!
One such place which suffered a deluge during the floods at the beginning of this year was the Severn Motor Yacht Club in Worcester. Members of the club, situated on the Severn River, were luckily able to uplift and rescue the carpeting and underlay from their function rooms as the water began to rise. But there was nothing they could do about other floorcoverings and the wooden subfloors.
This could not have come at a worse time for the club with important celebrations scheduled soon. Postponement was neither practical nor desirable.
Members of the club contacted Matt Bourne at Floorskills to ask if there was anything the training centre could do to advise or help. Thinking that Matt would just give the club some advice on what to do next, they were delighted when he offered to install new floorcoverings and re-install the carpet.
With only a few days before a weekend of planned events, Floorskills managed to pull together much needed material support from Tarkett, Mapei, Ultra Floor, Hanson Plywood and Floorwise. Thanks to these manufacturers and suppliers, a team from Floorskills arrived on site with the resilient flooring, specialist adhesive, smoothing compounds, plywood and carpet ancillaries that would be required to put things right.
Knowing the value of practical on-site experience and training, Matt took the opportunity to include Floorskills apprentices on the project.
Several companies were also able to see the valuable benefits of having their apprentices contribute to the rescue operation and kindly volunteered the necessary manpower to get Severn Motor Yacht Club afloat again.
Young apprentices from DA Mander & Son, Earlswood; Hoods Flooring and Carpets, Kings Heath, and Dave Hudspeth Carpets, Leyburn, North Yorkshire got the chance to show off their training and installation skills gained at Floorskills training centre over recent months.
The lads all enthusiastically demonstrated how much they had learned and made valuable contributions towards making the venue serviceable again.
Under the expert guidance of Floorskills trainers Matt and Daniel, the apprentices renewed the plywood over the newly boarded subfloor selecting SP101 plywood from Hanson as this has an exterior grade glue bond and won’t break down with moisture.
The lads then laid Tarkett Eclipse Premium vinyl flooring using Mapei Adesilex G19 adhesive which can be used on moisture sensitive areas. Finally, they installed all new Floorwise gripper and finishing trims and then re-installed the salvaged carpet and underlay to the dining area.
Luke Mander, one of the trainees involved, said: ‘Attending Floorskills during the last year has been great, and I have learned more skills than I would have at my workplace. This has opened more doors for me than I originally imagined.
‘On the day of working at the clubhouse I felt extremely confident in myself, after such in-depth and detailed training from Matt and Daniel. Furthermore, thanks to the training at Floorskills, I felt certain that all would be able to carry out the job successfully.’
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