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Apprentices Give You More Than You Think

THE Apprenticemaker organisation advises that taking on an apprentice makes good business sense. Trained staff with the right skills for the job can do a wider range of tasks and take on new responsibilities.
Taking on an apprentice is cost effective because people can learn while they’re on the job and the government contributes to the costs of learning.
A business that invests in apprenticeships is repaid many times over.
The costs of apprenticeship training are recouped relatively quickly, and where the investment is nurtured, the returns are significant.
When surveyed, businesses reported the following benefits:
81% said that employing apprentices generated higher overall productivity for their company;
66% said that their apprenticeship programme made them more competitive in their industry;
92% said that their apprenticeship programme better motivated staff and increased job satisfaction; and
74% said that apprentices tended to be more loyal, remaining at their company longer than non-apprentices.
Business owners are welcome to join the Apprenticemaker community and connect with fellow employers, ask and answer questions in the Apprenticemaker forums; look at the small business focused blogs and case studies; learn about apprenticeships for small businesses by using the illustrated interactive guide; follow on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates and news.

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