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Sid Bourne on training

I HAVE said it before and I will say it again: Apprenticeships are the only way to guarantee the future of the flooring trade. Their importance for both employers and apprentices can never be restated often enough.
And for the best training for flooring apprenticeships the place to go is FloorSkills.
There many great reasons to do an apprenticeship, but the big ones are: Qualifications, Money and Training.
And don’t worry about the cost because financial help is available and you probably won’t have to pay any fees. If you are between 16 and 18, the Government will pay the full cost of your training.
If you are over 19, your employer may be expected to contribute to training cost. The exact amount of funds you are entitled to depends entirely on your circumstances and your employer.
FloorSkills has the information and will guide you and your employer right the way through what you need to know, and this will take all the pressure off you.
A lot of people ask me to tell them what an apprenticeship is like. Well, the best way to describe it is like having a real job.
You will work alongside the best trainers in the flooring industry, supported by Matt and Daniel.

And if you are in any doubt, just look at what other apprentices and employers are saying about the quality of training available through FloorSkills. Their comments are amazing.
Apprentices at FloorSkills are taught the very best practices and end up with NVQs and most of all with the skills that will amaze your bosses.
The apprenticeship in carpet and impervious is over 18 months with up to 30 days at the academy; the wood flooring apprenticeship is over two years with 22 days with me.
At the training academy, I can personally promise that you will learn skills that once you could only dream of having.
When you complete an apprenticeship, you’ll be able to prove to any employer that you have the required skills, qualifications and dedication to do the job.
An apprenticeship will also increase your chances of gaining a good rate of pay and being promoted. In the long term, you could also proceed to further education.
Reading this, employers or prospective employers might well be asking ‘what’s in it for me’? Well here are a few facts for you:
96% of employers who take on an apprentice reports benefits to their business; and
72% of businesses report improved productivity as a result of employing an apprentice.
Other factors reported include two thirds of employers telling us that they could offer clients improved service. Many were excited about new ideas being introduced into their companies.

Others noticed much higher morale among staff with also more staff loyalty.
But most importantly, it’s worth remembering that flooring companies who employ apprentices are, almost without exception, given preferential consideration when they are bidding for a contract.
All employers also need to seriously consider their own companies’ future. If we don’t train the future installers, where on earth are they going to find people with the required skills and knowledge able to step into managerial roles when the time comes.
There is just no argument that obtaining qualifications, especially by way of apprenticeships, is essential for the future of our trade.
But if you don’t ask you won’t know, so give us a call and you will be under no obligation. Call Matt or Daniel on 01564 703900
We can guarantee the best training for apprenticeships. We will explain to you all you need to know and, in particular, give you help and advice on obtaining maximum funding. But don’t hesitate, because the funding opportunities will not be around forever. Apprenticeships are the way forward.
T: 01564 703900
T: 07841 500940

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