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Attitude Important In Flooring

Raymond Bacon, of Siesta Cork Tile Co, says the attitude of some young people that ‘the world owes me a living’ is one of the causes of the UK’s current high youth unemployment figures:

YOUR comment about youth unemployment (CFJ December 2014) certainly makes sad reading and my heart goes out to those people.
If we could put right the socialist influence they have been grown up under this might stop many of them being unemployable – certainly by small firms – because of their arrogant and ‘world owes me a living’ attitude.
I do not know that you or anyone else has a legal obligation to start up a business to employ other people. But we all have a responsibility to look after ourselves – why not buy a ladder and clean windows or cut peoples lawns.
In my experience attitude is more important than qualifications, and put the two together and they usually find work somewhere – even doing labouring work which is where some of us started. I don’t really see how you can knock wealth, yet want more jobs for people.
I do agree that our governments of recent years have been totally insincere and useless in developing the incentives for businesses to grow. Have you ever worked out the total tax contribution – directly and indirectly – your business makes to the government. For mine it three times my profit!

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