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Bamboo Flooring Facts

A lot of consumers have been thinking about installing bamboo flooring in their home because they’ve heard that bamboo flooring is eco-friendly, durable and inexpensive. Durability and sustainability are some of the reasons why thousands of home owners choose bamboo floors. This is true since there are many homeowners who have had good experiences with bamboo flooring. Others are just carried away with the popularity and the trendiness of bamboo floors. Also the flooring maintenance and care problems such as scratches, ding and dent can be easily taken care off with bamboo flooring.

Even though bamboo flooring is increasing in popularity, you still have to know some facts that could help you decide to choose bamboo floors before you actually buy the materials. There are bamboo floors that offer great durability but when you use them, they easily wear out. That’s why you should be careful in choosing your flooring materials. It also will not hurt if you will be brand specific. To get fabulous flooring is to pick the right flooring and that includes designs, durability, colors and maturity of the bamboo.

It is important to know the maturity of the bamboo to ensure sustainability of the floors. Bamboo can have a full stature in six months or less but it’ll take six years to solidify. If the flooring is made from green bamboo, it will easily develop dents. The same thing happens when flooring materials are not made from the stalk of the plant. Also, if bamboo flooring is being darkened through carbonization, it will be softer than natural bamboo flooring. As a result, bamboo flooring materials that have darker colors would not be a good option especially for high traffic areas.