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Basic Facts About Oak Wood Flooring

Everybody has a unique style of their home based on the design, color and materials of their floorings. When you ask a home designer to design your new home, the first and most important decision you’ll have to make is choosing the right flooring that would define the style and atmosphere of your home.

Wide varieties of flooring options provide both confusion and challenge to designers and home owners. Younger couples who like to try new things usually choose tiles. Laminate flooring imparts the feel and look of a real wood floor and it is much cheaper compared to other floors. Oak flooring is great for anyone who is seeking sophistication and beauty. Though it is pretty costly, the durability of oak wood floor is superb which allows homeowners to easily decorate their homes. Toughness and sturdiness are oak floorings’ exceptional features. This kind of flooring can last for hundreds of years if it is cared for and maintained well. In this perspective, the cost is more than justified for by its preserving qualities.

On the other hand, the problem with oak flooring mostly pertains to its maintenance. Despite its durability, oak wood flooring is very vulnerable to scratches and scrapes. That is why it is necessary to take precautionary measures like using pads under each legs of furniture, and whichever part of the floor that might be affected when moving furniture should be protected by placing carpets or floor coverings.

Oak wood flooring articulates a home with classiness and styles. It creates a particular inviting quality and imparts a lovely feel to the room that makes people want to have oak flooring in their houses. Most homeowners loved wood floors even though they demand extra care and maintenance.