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Bathroom Renovation on a Budget: Cork Flooring as a Cost-Effective Option

Is Cork Flooring a Cost-Effective Option for Bathroom Renovation on a Budget?

If you are renovating your bathroom, there’s the obvious question of what to do about its floor. If it is looking worse for wear, you might want to get new flooring installed. Linoleum and tile would be traditional choices of material for it, but there’s also a dark horse in the form of cork flooring.

When you factor in not only upfront price but also long-term value, cork represents one of the most cost-effective options for bathroom flooring. Here are some of the most significant reasons why you can garner great value for money from cork flooring in the bathroom



What is cork itself? It is a material that comes from the bark of Quercus suber, commonly referred to as the cork oak tree. This evergreen tree naturally sheds the bark, meaning that cork can be harvested without the tree taking damage as a result.

The fact that cork can be sourced without any harm to the environment is bound to make this material a winner in an age when people are prioritising seeking sustainable options for their décor.


Water Resistance

Given that the bathroom is obviously a space where water is splashed about in abundance, you will naturally want flooring that is unlikely to incur damage from spills.

It’s therefore reassuring that many forms of cork flooring have been treated with a polyurethane finish leaving the wood resistant to water ingress.



If you have ever got yourself out of a bathtub in a bathroom with flooring comprising stone or ceramic tiles, you can probably attest that either material can feel disconcertingly cold under bare feet.

In theory, you could rectify this issue just by adding underfloor heating — but doing so would be an extra expense, as would the upkeep required for the system.


Conveniently, cork comes with its own built-in thermal insulation. In other words, it is naturally warm; you don’t have to pay anything extra to add that warmth. This is something you could especially appreciate during colder times of year, when heating other parts of the house might put your finances under strain.



Cork contains air cells making it pleasantly soft. This can make all the difference whenever you are casually walking in the bathroom, such as from the sink to the bathtub.

The pliability of cork also spares you having to worry too much about furniture leaving indentations in the surface, as you could find that it just levels itself out again over time. This all enhances the financial appeal of cork, as it is unlikely that you will often need to spend on repairs for it.


Antibacterial Properties

Where water can pool, mould and mildew can potentially develop. However, one built-in component of cork is the wax-like substance Suberin, which is effective at keeping bugs at bay.

All in all, you can significantly lower the risk of bacterial growth by arranging the installation of cork flooring in a bathroom. To ask how we could expertly undertake this installation work for you, please ring 0207 609 1234.