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Big Contractors Slammed For Attack On Pay Charter

CHIEF executive of the National Specialist Contractors’ Council (NSCC) Suzannah Nichol MBE has hit back at the major contractors after some of them expressed concerns about the newly published Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter.
She said: ‘If Tier 1 contractors claim to have cashflow problems, welcome to the world of specialist contractors. Fair payment is crucial to the whole industry and must be consistent throughout the supply chain.
‘The only thing that can truly make a difference in construction is the people who work in it and this is why NSCC continues to speak out on behalf of its members and campaign for the payment terms that are their right.’
Speaking recently at the AGM of the Structural Timber Association (STA), NSCC’s newest member organisation, she re-enforced the main principles of the NSCC Fair Payment Campaign and urged all specialist contractors to take control of the issues that contribute to late payment.
STA is the latest organisation to publicly support the campaign, which has championed fair payment for seven years and calls for 30-day payment terms, an end to cash retentions, and equality of payment throughout all tiers of the supply chain.
The Contract Flooring Association (CFA), a long standing member of NSCC, is equally committed to fair payment which is that Companies have the right to receive correct full payment as and when due. Deliberate late payment or unjustifiable withholding of payment is ethically not acceptable.
A key factor is that the process must be transparent in order that members of the supply chain have certainty of how much and when they will be paid.
At the heart of the fair payment campaign is ‘Make It Happen – Five Easy Steps to Getting Paid on Time’. These are:
Insist on 30-day payment terms which are now recognised as industry best practice;
Agree clear payment terms in your contract and this will give you the best chance of being paid on time;
Say ‘No’ to cash retention wherever it is possible to do so;
Implement an effective payment process; don’t give contractors an excuse not to pay you; and
Don’t accept late payment; Take action if payment is not forthcoming.
For more information on how NSCC could help your business get paid on time, visit the Fair Payment Campaign website.
The website includes loads of helpful advice and guidance for flooring and other specialist contractors to help ensure they are paid promptly, including a toolkit with information on adjudication, a construction finance package, an online credit form, a legal and contractual helpline and retention bonds.
There are also details of the NSCC no retentions policy together with the M-O-N-E-Y platform.

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