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Brintons FAQs

Browse the questions and answers below for valuable information on a range of carpet related subjects.

I have purchased a Brintons carpet and would like advice on cleaning and how to care for my carpet?
Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures your carpet will continue to impress and remain a stunning addition to your home for many years to come. We have created a carpet care guide to help you maintain the luxury of your Brintons carpet.

It is advisable to have an Anti Stain treatment on my Brintons carpet?
Wool rich carpets are inherently soil resistant, they have a natural ability to repel liquids and subsequently have a reduced tendency to stain. Therefore, they generally require less cleaning than many synthetic fibre carpets. Further information on anti-stain treatments is available in our technical advice section, or on the web site

I have a stain on my Brintons carpet, is there anything you would advise for stain removal?
Spillages are more easily removed if tackled immediately. We have created a stain wizard to help you tackle spillages on your Brintons carpet.

I would like advice on which underlay I should use for my Brintons carpet?
Carpets are installed on a wide variety of underlays and whilst we know that in the majority of cases an acceptable performance of carpet and underlay may be achieved, careful choice of underlay can actually enhance the performance of the carpet. To help we have produced some general guidelines on underlays for residential use.

What does carpet shading mean?
Cut pile carpets sometimes show a shading effect that appears as light and dark patches due to different pile direction. Further information on shading is available in our technical advice section.

What type of vacuum cleaner would be best for my Brintons carpet?
Regular cleaning of your Brintons carpet will help to keep it looking good for years. We have created a carpet care guide which reviews the best type of vacuum cleaners to help you maintain the luxury of your Brintons carpet.

Was my Brintons carpet woven in the UK?
Brintons woven carpet is made at its own manufacturing plants in the UK, Portugal or India.

What are the different types of carpet construction across Brintons ranges?
Brintons woven ranges come in two types of constructions: either wilton or axminster.

Can you confirm the tog values for your carpets?
Typical Brintons 80% wool/20% nylon carpets have tog value between 1.0 and 2.2. If you search by product, you will find each item will have its tog value listed against it. Alternatively the full tog value listing can be found on our technical advice section.

Can you confirm the suitability of Brintons carpets in my home?
The suitability is shown against each item on the website. Click on your chosen carpet to see all the specification details.

Is there a guarantee for my Brintons carpet?
Brintons Promise – All our carpets are made to consistent quality standards and we are confident you will be delighted with your purchase. In the unlikely event that you have a complaint as a result of a manufacturing fault, we guarantee to rectify or replace the carpet to ensure your total satisfaction. Brinset guarantees against permanent random shading effects in domestic installations on all Brintons cut pile products for up to two years following the installation of the carpet. For further details call our technical helpline 01562 635446.

Can we use stair rods with our Brintons carpet?
Many of our ranges have co-ordinating carpet runners across different designs and colours to suite a wide range of interiors all of which can be used with stair rods. For further information on stair rods visit

This advice is offered as a service to Customers, and Brintons Carpets Limited will not be liable for loss or damage or injury arising out of any action taken based on this advice.