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Call For More Investment In UK Marketing

INDUSTRY and government can work better together to develop policies that give greater certainty and confidence to industry and encourage investment, innovation and growth, says a new report from the Construction Products Association (CPA) to which the Contract Flooring Association (CFA) is affiliated.
The report seeks to clarify the economic, political and regulatory risks which may be influencing investment, and advises on a best practice approach to regulation and policy. It includes results of two CPA surveys regarding the impact of energy costs, supply and security on investment and their views towards specific policies such as Part L, the National Infrastructure Plan, Help to Buy, the Energy Company Obligation, Green Deal and the EU Emissions Trading System.
The key findings of the report include:
Effective regulations are clearly defined, target-driven and not prescriptive;
Industry needs policy and regulation that is simple with minimal administrative burden;
Policy works best when government consults industry early and regularly to identify problems, review measures, provide solutions and evaluate results;
Government can create greater certainty for industry by providing a roadmap with a long term plan – not just over five-year parliamentary cycles – and clear goals which allow time for industry to prepare;
Delivery according to the original plan is key. Consistency of policy helps industry to invest.
John Sinfield, md of Knauf Insulation and chair of the CPA, said: ‘In the construction products industry, many companies trade on a multi-national scale and, as a result, have a choice of where they base their manufacturing.
‘One of the major challenges faced today by both the UK government and UK business leaders is ensuring that this country is viewed as a favourable location to invest.
‘There is such a thing as good regulation and policy,’ he continued.
‘It supports the market, sets high standards and provides industry with a clear view of the way forward. It motivates business to develop innovative products and solutions and invest in future opportunities.
‘Ultimately however, the regulatory framework must be seen by business as stable, concise and predictable over the long-term. And always, industry must be consulted fully.’

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