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Commercial Flooring News

Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning keeps your carpet looking better for longer . When the inevitable spills and accidents do occur, don’t panic but act quickly. The sooner a spill is tackled, the less chance of a lasting stain.

Always blot and never rub a spill.
Work from the outside in.
Solids should be scraped up.
Apply cleaning agent to a cloth – never directly onto the carpet.
Carpet care treatments used should be Woolsafe approved
Dry a spill with a hair dryer.
Your new carpet should be maintained regularly and we suggest you vacuum at least twice a week. We also recommend that cut pile carpets such as velvets and twist piles should be cleaned with an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar and brush. Loop pile carpets (ones that replicate the look of coir and sisal) should be vacuumed with a cylinder vacuum using the suction head only. As with any household item, the more you look after your carpet, the longer it will stay looking good.