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Carpet Colours

Colour is a critical part of your choice of carpet and allows you to put your own personal stamp on the room. It can help to amplify the space in a dimly-lit room, create a powerful contrast to the colours used on walls and fabrics, or blend in to a carefully-selected colour scheme – the choices are infinite, and personal.

The colour wheel is often used as a guide when selecting colours which complement and contrast with each other. It is just one source of inspiration when deciding which is the right selection for you.

In addition, there are a variety of blends of yarn that can be used to create different visuals for the carpet. The main varieties are:

Plain: a single colour used to present a solid visual.
Heather: a mixture of coloured yarn to provide a stippled effect.
Berber: named after the traditional carpet made by the Berber tribes of North Africa, the yarns used in these blends tend to be more bulky than normal and incorporate small chips of coloured yarn into the main texture of the body.
We have segmented our collection into the colours shown above. Just click on the one that interests you to see the wide variety of products available to you.