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Carpet Design And Properties In Libraries – Recommendations

London flooring contractors pay special attention to carpet design in school and college libraries. You know that these days libraries are centers for learning and not only reading rooms. London flooring experts know that nowadays libraries offer electronic resources, space for independent research and collaborative study. Zoning is also typical for modern libraries. How to choose the carpet for the library in the educational property?

  • London flooring contractors advise to think at first about the different usages of the library. Are there special areas such as cafe, reading zone, ICT? Think about how to mark the separate zones in order to divide them correctly, for instance with usage of carpet in different colour.
  • Another very important factor is the traffic in the library. According to London flooring experts, there is a rule that a library should have place for 10% of the pupils at once. So, fibre bonded carpet is a wonderful choice, because it is very durable and if well-maintained it can be used for a very long time.
  • For the special reading zone, London flooring specialists recommend carpet, with its comfort and thermal properties. There are options for soft seating or the students may sit on the floor.
  • The acoustics of the library has also to be taken into consideration. London flooring companies don’t expect libraries to be very silent. However, these places must be quieter than classrooms, so the students may concentrate on their individual study. London flooring shops provide special carpets with sound deadening properties. They are a wonderful option according to London flooring contractors too.
  • Another important factor is the needed natural light. In case the windows are restricted or small, then a lighter coloured carpet may be more appropriate.
Sharni Verity is a marketing executive at Heckmondwike FB

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