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Carpet dyeing to repair carpet color damage is an effective and affordable alternative to carpet replacement. Carpet color repair is now available in most geographic areas throughout the world from qualified, professional carpet color technicians. Many carpet cleaners and dedicated color repair technicians can repair color damaged areas with ease.

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In terms of importance, after the introduction of StainMaster Carpet in 1987, the most significant technology to be developed was the ability to dye carpet in the field. Carpet dyeing has always been an alternative, but improvements in field carpet dyeing methods, improved dyestuffs, and accessibility to training has opened new opportunities for dyeing carpet.

For the consumer or property management professional, improvements in carpet dyeing technology has made field carpet color repair affordable to all. New dyestuffs make dyeing a practical method of extending carpet life and the end-user can expect dyed areas to perform as well as plant dyed fibers. Color matching techniques have improved to state-of-the-art and a well-trained carpet dyeing professional can match existing carpet color with ease.

Dyeing Carpet and Rental Properties
Dyeing carpet has become a salvation for rental property owners, who may now dye discolored areas rather than resorting to complete carpet replacement. Homeowners can contact a carpet dyeing professional and have damaged areas repaired for as little as 1% of the cost of new carpet.

Recently, when my very ambitious five-year-old attempted to help mom sanitize our bathroom porcelain, he dribbled damaging bleach from his bathroom, throughout the house to where he proudly showed mom his handy work. Weeks later when the dye began to fade, we contacted a carpet dye professional and have the carpet repaired for a lot less than his yearly allowance (just kidding).

One unbiased word of caution, however. Many carpet dyeing sites may communicate to their site visitors to never buy olefin or polypropylene carpet. This is a very selfish, inappropriate comment. Olefin carpet fibers cannot be dyed, so these biased websites mislead the consumer by providing a biased, one-sided version of the deficiencies of olefin fibers. There is no perfect carpet fiber, but in communicating that a consumer should avoid olefin fibers simply because the carpet dyeing professional cannot profit from them, should question the validity of all the information communicated by the web site. Review our section on carpet pile fibers before basing your carpet buying decision solely of the ability to redye the carpet.