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Carpet Dyeing

We at The Flooring Group do not offer this particular service, just the advice on how best to do it.

If you have reviewed our Carpet Dye Methods section, you should understand that post dyed fiber systems provide the most color options as compared to pre-dyed (solution-dyed fiber systems. With the exception of Berber carpet, most residential fiber systems are post-dyed. In other words the tufted blanket (carpet) is stitched (tufted) and then dyed either on a continuous dye line, where dye is applied as a spray, or the tufted blanket is placed in a dye beck (vat) and “cooked” while the carpet tumbles in a huge washing machine-like beck.

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If your carpet is post dyed and it should develop areas of discoloration, it can easily be re-dyed by a carpet color technician. While this dyeing technology was not widely available until about 10 years ago, there are carpet recolor professionals in most areas of the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom, today.

This service is invaluable to apartment owners, large commercial facilities, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, realty companies, and retail stores. Carpet replacement can be expensive and patching the area by inserting a new piece of carpet from a closet or scrap is almost always an eyesore. Additionally, if the patched area is replaced with an untrafficked piece of scrap, there is almost always a color or texture variation in the pieced area.

Carpet Color Repair
Carpet color repair by re-dyeing the area is an inexpensive alternative and you will be much more pleased with the result. I have visited hundreds of consumer homes where pet stains, toilet bowl cleaners, acne medications, or other permanent stains turned a beautiful carpet into a great place to put a planter or chair. At that time, there were really no reliable methods of dyeing carpet that would be permanent or visually pleasing. Having an expensive investment ruined is one of the most emotional disturbing events that can happen. Times have changed. Carpet dyeing is one of the most frequently requested consumer questions by Carpet Buyers Handbook site visitors. It’s probably past time to offer our site visitors a place to find the answers they need.

The navigation buttons to the left provide a listing of carpet color technicians by state. None of the carpet color technicians on this list have paid The Carpet Buyers Handbook to be listed here. We consider this a service to our site visitors. As such, we do no prescreening or make any recommendation as their competency. However, while carpet dyeing may seem like rocket science to someone who has never performed the technique, it is really quite easy once you’ve mastered the procedure. If the area is too noticeable once the carpet dyeing technician has finished, the area can be bleached and redyed until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Any Carpet Color technician can be listed here at no charge, simply by placing a reciprocal link on their web site to The Carpet Buyers Handbook and our Carpet Cleaning Links web site. To list your site, simply complete the Carpet Dyeing Link form and place your link within the State or Country where you perform this carpet dyeing service.

One unbiased word of caution, however. Many carpet dyeing sites may communicate to their site visitors to never buy olefin or polypropylene carpet. This is a very selfish, inappropriate comment. Olefin carpet fibers cannot be dyed, so these biased websites mislead the consumer by providing a biased, one-sided version of the deficiencies of olefin fibers. There is no perfect carpet fiber, but in communicating that a consumer should avoid olefin fibers simply because the carpet dyeing professional cannot profit from them, should question the validity of all the information communicated by the web site. Review our section on carpet pile fibers before basing your carpet buying decision solely of the ability to re-dye the carpet.