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Carpet Fibre Construction

If you are considering carpet for your home, it can be useful to understand the differences between three key factors that influence the performance and look of a particular carpet – carpet construction, pile types and carpet styles. All have their individual strengths and make excellent carpets. However, ultimately your final carpet choice should be determined by the characteristics that best fit with your lifestyle needs and then, the desired look you want to achieve for your home.


Carpet Construction – two basic types:
Tufting is the process of creating carpet, on specialised multi-needle looms. Several hundred needles stitch hundreds of rows of carpet yarn tufts through a backing fabric called the primary backing. The needles push yarn through a primary backing fabric, where a loop holds the yarn in place to form a tuft as the needle is removed. The carpet yarn is caught by loopers and held in place for loop-pile carpet or cut by blades for cut-pile carpet. Throughout the world today, it is the predominant construction method used for everyday living carpet ranges.

Woven carpet is created on looms by simultaneously interlacing face yarns and backing yarns into a complete product, thereby eliminating the need for a secondary backing. A small amount of a special back coating is usually applied to woven carpets to create bulk. This construction is primarily used today for high end premium carpet ranges.

Carpet Piles – the basis for creating different styles:
There are two basic carpet pile types – loop pile and cut pile.


Over the years, these two pile types have been used in their original form or a combination of both to create a wide range of different characteristics, which today are referred to as carpet styles.

Carpet Styles – the basis for creating your own flooring look:
In choosing a carpet, some styles will suit some areas in a home better than others relative to the lifestyle you lead, whilst others will be chosen to create the overall interior décor look you want to establish for your home.

LoopBedroom1Carpet Swatch Right: SmartStrand® Campanello Bronze Age #509

Loop Pile – A simple loop pile has tufts of equal height to create a tight construction. Loop pile carpets can also have different lengths of loops. A high and low loop has tufts of different heights which creates a patterned or textured effect.

Loop pile carpets are often chosen when a more textured flooring look is desired in a home and for a carpet that wears extremely well and will retain its look for many years.


Carpet Swatch Left: SmartStrand® Windwalker Mahogany #505

Cut Pile – they’re made from twisting the carpet yarn tightly together and then the loop is cut. There are different classifications of twist cut pile carpet based on the pile length, often referred to as short or medium twist cut pile.

Cut Pile carpets are preferred because they have a lovely even surface that is also springy underfoot and a versatile for all styles of homes.
LoungeHighBackChairs Carpet Swatch Right: SmartStrand Silk™ Gentle Essence Riverstone #507

Velvet/Velour Plush Pile – The cut pile length is usually longer in this style of carpet and can be either uniform in height or a sequence of alternating low and high levels. This creates a deep, soft feel underfoot and an effect similar to that of velour and velvet in looks. They do require some additional care as they show dark and light shading and footprints.

This is a carpet style widely desired around the world for its added luxurious looks and the extra deep pile providing an extra sumptuous and soft feel under foot.


Carpet Swatch Left: SmartStrand®Stone Peak White Wash # 503

Multiple colour Twist Pile – a carpet style which combines two complementary carpet colours twisted together to create a tone on tone effect.

This is a popular carpet style today, as it is very forgiving for meeting the challenges of family living, ease of maintenance and versatility in terms of fit with classic or contemporary home styles.


Carpet Swatch Left: SmartStrand® Beach Basics Drifting Dunes # 519

Frieze – a carpet that has short, twisted fibres that do not stand completely upright, rather flop in a lacklustre manner. It is also sometimes referred to a shag pile.

Friezes are an ideal choice for families with young children and household pets because the loose fibre design helps to hide dirt and footprints, making it very durable.
White BedroomCarpet Swatch Right: SmartStrand® Dramatic Flair Contempo #504

Cut and Loop – Basically a cut pile carpet but with areas of loop pile designed into it. This effect creates a more distinctive patterned look and may also be referred to as carved or sculptured pile carpet.

A patterned carpet can provide a more dramatic look to a particular area of a home or create a real design statement throughout a whole home.

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