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Carpet Fitting Problems Through The Point Of View Of Carpet Cleaners

London flooring contractors pay attention to one important problem ahead of carpet cleaning technicians – badly fitted carpets. London flooring experts claim that every professional and reliable specialist will check the security of edges and the integrity of seams before starting the sanitising session. London flooring companies should check for several conditions:

  • In some cases grippers are fitted at wrong distance from skirting boards. If the gap is too wide, the carpet won’t be secured enough. In this situation, London flooring contractors explain, that there is risk of shrinkage.
  • London flooring specialists say that the gap between the gripper and the skirting board is NOT possessed by the telephone-line-provider. In many cases clients are not aware of that and wires are ordinarily put in that gap. London flooring experts claim, that this way the carpet rides over the gripper teeth when under tension.
  • Every London flooring company is aware about buckling. This buckling may become even more obvious after sanitising.

  • When it comes to London commercial flooring, sometimes gripper is missing. This happens under radiators, which allows a gap to appear after cleaning procedure. London flooring contractors illustrate that the reason for this omission is that the fitter often finds it easier to leave this section out, instead of fixing the problem. Another zone where this may happen is around patio doors. London flooring experts conclude that the gripper is lifted and not replaced by the installers.
  • There are occasions when the installers do try to refit the gripper and this shatters the hard floor, leaving an insecure gripper.
  • Sometimes, a London flooring company may find out, that there are no gripper rods fitted at all; clients remove them entirely for some obscure reason.
  • Delamination: after a certain period of time when the carpet comes into the sanitizing cycle, there may be some visual proof that delamination of a secondary backing has appeared. London flooring contractors explain, that this may be due to the breakdown of the latex bonding on the secondary backing or to normal wear and tear.
  • London flooring specialists have also seen inappropriate techniques of fixing carpets. The expert fitter may choose unsuitable aerosol spray mount on top of the underlay instead of using gripper rods.

London flooring experts conclude that it would be wonderful and easier if all fitters belonged to NICF (National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers).

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