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Carpet Installation

Carpet installation can be a challenging project, but if you’re only putting carpet in one room, or are using owner-friendly styles such as carpet tiles, it’s possible to install carpet yourself. Of course, if you’re a professional carpet installer, you know you can do a great job! Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to install your own carpet.

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Carpet Installation Procedures Can be Complicated
Installing carpeting involves several steps, some of which don’t allow for mistakes.

Evaluating flooring condition: Installing wall-to-wall carpeting requires that sub flooring and surface flooring be in good condition. The Carpet and Rug Institute notes that damage caused by water, insects, or other sources must be repaired before installation. If flooring is uneven, damaged, or otherwise compromised, you may need to make repairs before installing your carpet.
Measuring, layout, and cutting: Errors and miscalculations can cost a little extra at best and cost a bundle at worst. Installing carpet requires precise measurement, layout of patterns and seams, and precise cutting. One mistake while you’re cutting can ruin new carpet or padding and cause delays while you replace carpet you can no longer use. It’s important to note that carpeting installed over separate padding needs to be stretched. Failure to stretch or insufficient stretching, can cause carpet to wrinkle after you’ve installed it.
Safety: Installing carpet is a messy and potentially risky process. Glue, dust, high noise levels, and tools including cutting blades and sanders can pose safety hazards.
Disposal: Professional installation typically includes removal of old carpet, padding, and remnants. Consider disposal costs when determining whether to install carpet yourself or hire professional installers. DIY disposal costs can include dumping fees, trailer rentals, and fuel.
Protecting your investment: Carpet manufacturer’s warranties may require professional installation. Hiring professional installers also helps avoid problems with difficult areas including stairs.
Professional carpet installers know how to work a team to get the job done quickly, correctly, and completely. When you want to get the most out of your new carpeting, choosing professional carpet installation may be the way to go.