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Carpet Manufacturing

Carpet manufacturing – a trade with which the UK is synonymous. It is also a ‘traditional’ industry and the manufacture of carpets today is very similar to how it has always been – particularly on the woven front.

This flies in the face of modernism. Indeed, a report out this week claimed that the UK’s failure to embrace new technologies and ‘robotics’ has has seen us fall behind our European neighbours and contributed to factories closing. The report went on to say that lack of awareness of, and investment in, automation would result in companies further losing their competitive advantage, especially to international rivals.

There is, undoubtedly, a lot of truth in the report – and, in the carpet industry, companies like Brintons and Ulster have made innovative strides in their looms and manufacture of woven carpet. However, the actual process of carpet manufacturing is the same as it has always been – and it is universally recognised that in the UK we make the best carpet in the world. The way carpets are made is the same all over the world. Of far greater threat are the government subsidies dished out in some countries and the quality of the raw materials used by many.Carpet manufacturing Victoria Factory 15

Lest you think we are ‘dyed in the wool’ and are burying our heads in the sand, let me say that I am very happy to drive cars and watch TV’s made by robots, so it is nothing against technology. Indeed, looking at my chrystal ball, who is to say that things like 3D printing may not lead to significant changes?