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Carpet Slows Heat Loss

Understanding Thermal Values (R-Values) of Carpet and Cushion

Energy Savings
An industry-sponsored study of the thermal characteristics of carpet – with and without cushion – conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Textile Engineering, concluded that the total R-value is more dependent on the total thickness of the carpet than on the type fiber content.

When the carpet R-value is not available, the study suggested multiplying the total carpet thickness measured in inches by a factor of 2.6 to approximate the carpet’s R-value. The study also found that R-values are additive for any combination of materials. For example, a combination of carpet with an R-value of 1.3 and a prime polyurethane cushion with an R-value of 1.6 will yield an overall R-value of 2.9.

Understanding R ValuesPDF(PDF 47 KB) to download a PDF with more detailed R-value information that was taken from the study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Textile Engineering.

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