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Carpet Styles Offer Variety Of Decor Options

The natural appeal of hardwood flooring complements many types of architecture and decor. Unlike artificial flooring, hardwood can last a lifetime under normal wear conditions and given proper care. Hardwood flooring is available in several styles; its cost varies according to the style and type of wood you choose.

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Enhancing Decor with Hardwood Floors
Lighter hardwood floors are typically used in contemporary, more casual settings. Dark flooring often complements traditional decor, but these are not hard and fast rules. Lighting, your furniture, and personal preferences are important considerations when choosing hardwood flooring., which is available in a number of styles.

Engineered hardwood flooring: This type of flooring is assembled from thin layers of hardwood glued together and finished with a top layer of hardwood veneer. Engineered hardwood is not a substitute for hardwood; it’s entirely constructed from hardwood that’s layered to provide additional durability.

Long strip: Thisflooring consists of small strips of hardwood assembled into longer strips for installation as peg and groove flooring.

Parquet: This style of hardwood flooring consists of “tiles” of hardwood strips that vary in color and size. The strips are assembled into square panels. Parquet provides contrast and more intricate designs than other popular styles of hardwood flooring, and is often used in entry halls or areas where a visual accent is desired.

Solid hardwood floors: Constructed of solid planks of wood, this is what you think of as “traditional” hardwood flooring.

Now it’s time to decide what your floor will “wear.”

Your Hardwood Floor: The “Finishing” Touch
Hardwood flooring can be subtly enhanced or substantially altered by how it’s finished. Clear polyurethane finish can bring out wood grain without changing the color of natural wood, or you can choose from among natural wood tones or fashion colors. If you think you might change your mind, use a surface finish that can be removed. Stains that penetrate into the wood cannot be removed. When choosing a finish for your hardwood flooring, consider traffic patterns and choose a durable finish that can help keep your floors looking good for years to come.