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Carpet Types

Although it can seem like there are endless carpets to choose from, there are some fundamental similarities/differences that make the process of choosing the right carpet for your home far easier than you may at first have thought.

There are basically only 5 types of carpet, that come in different materials (generally wool, polypropylene or a combination of both), felt or action backing, and various colours and patterns.

The 5 types of carpet are: Berber/Loop Pile, Cut Pile/Twist, Velvet Pile/Velour, Saxony, Shag Pile. As each of the different types of carpet give their own distinctive look and feel to a room, and some are more naturally suited to say a heavy use area such as a hall way, this is the perfect place to start narrowing down your carpet choice.

The Floor Depot guide to carpet types is as follows:

Loop Pile/Berber Carpet

These carpets give a distinctive texture to your floor. The nature of the loop means that this carpet should bounce back and retain its looks.

A small loop in a synthetic pile can make for a very hard wearing carpet, great for heavy trafic areas such as stairs, and a wool loop can create a wonderful feature in room.

For homes with pets it is worth noting that small claws can catch loops and cause damage to your floor – you may wish to consider a Twist Carpet (also known as Cut Pile).

Twist/Cut Pile Carpet

Twist Carpets are versatile and come in a range of colours and patterns. They can be easy to clean, particularly when made from man made fibres, and they wear well.

A twist carpet’s short pile makes it ideal for heavy traffic areas such as hallways and stairs.

If you are looking for smooth and even look to your floor then a twist carpet would be the perfect choice, with a twist available for all budgets and a colour/neutral/patterned or flecked design to suit all tastes.

Saxony Carpet

Saxony Carpet has a longer pile than a Twist Carpet. This means that a Saxony carpet is very soft underfoot and gives a luxurious look and feel to a room.

Saxony carpets are available in a variety of different shades and colours.

Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Shag Pile Carpet

Shag Pile Carpet has a very long pile and a distinctive appearance as a result.
It is an opulent carpet available in a variety of different shades and colours.
Best suited to bedrooms and living rooms.