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Carpets In London

Wilton is the most traditional and historic type of carpet. In this construction the pile yarn and the backing yarn are woven into the carpet in one simultaneous process. This creates a far heavier and substantial overall product. Limitations with Wilton are the number of colours that can be put into any one design. Traditionally this is restricted to 5 colours. However, textures are often added to Wilton weaves, by the use of different length of tuft. Axminster In this construction the pile yarn and backing are woven at the same time.
Axminster allows for a far greater number of colour possibilities due to the type of manufacture. For this reason Axminster is generally heavily patterned Tufted Tufted carpets are made by punching a length, or tuft of carpet into a backing cloth and held into this by the use of latex or similar adhesive. Due to the speed of manufacture and lower costs involved, tufted carpets tend to be less expensive. 100% or 80/20 This relates to the mixture of fibres used. Traditionally either 100% wool is used or 80% wool and 20% nylon for added strength and wear.

Carpet Finishes
Velvet –
This pile appearance is a smooth topped, cut finish. With generally a soft, even surface. Generally these finishes will be one solid colour.

Twist –
This pile appearance is created by using yarn that is twisted tightly, more so than a velvet. Leaving a slightly textured cut pile finish. These are also available with a tonal to stippled effect colour can be mixed in with the yarn.

Loop or Brussells Weave –
This pile appearance has a loop of yarn as the top of the carpet, and runs as one piece of yarn throughout. Different depths of pile are available by weaving with larger or smaller loops as required. Pile heights can also be varied to create textures or ribs, and also designs of motifs. Not generally recommended if cats are present as they are able to claw the loop and pull a large loop from the wool.

Natural Flooring
Sisal –
Naturally strong and very distinctive. This hard wearing product can be fitted throughout the home. This particular plant fibre Agave Sisalana is traditionally used for braiding and making ropes, which lends itself to a hard wearing floor covering.

Seagrass –
A very hard fibre considering it is natural, creating a very clean and crisp pattern style. As with Sisal, Seagrass is grown and harvested before being processed and spun into yarn.

Coir –
This has a distinctly course finish. Highly durable, this makes an excellent floor covering for high usage areas, including halls and stairs.

Jute –
Jute is a lot softer than all the other natural floorings and comes mainly in a boucle and herringbone weave tight boucle weaves, very chunky tweeds + fine herringbones