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Carpets In The Media

Keeping carpets in the media is one of the key objectives of The Carpet Foundation. This is the way we can ensure that carpet remains on the radar for consumers and does not become the Cinderella of household goods.

Having said that, the value from appearing in the press comes from appearing in the ‘right’ and most ‘appropriate’ press. For us in the carpet industry, that is home interest magazines and ‘interiors’ sections of the national press. This is what people interested in their homes read. It may not be what retailers read – but it is what their consumers buy and read.

So, today to get Brintons and Ulster into The Sunday Times was really nice – and positive for carpets.

It is a long time since it last happened – and without the Carpet Foundation, it wouldn’t have, nor will it going forward. We do punch above our weight with the influential media. There are some big carpet features coming up before Christmas – which, of course, will be trumpeted! As it is, thank you to Katrina Burroughs and the Sunday Times Home section -we do appreciate it.