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Amtico Flooring

Amtico is a long-standing business partner of The Flooring Group - they have satisfied many customers through the years providing them with high-quality flooring solutions and smooth installations. We share not only the same business values but long years of practice and expertise. This makes our partnership lasting and rewarding.

Amtico is a reputable flooring company with over 50 years of industry experience and is amongst the market leaders in the flooring field. Amtico owes this success to the work and collaboration of brilliant specialists - technologists, consultants, designers and manufacturers work closely to achieve innovative products and maintain the industry leading reputation of the company.

Every process that takes place is carefully planned and subject to comprehensive testing and quality control. An interesting fact is that before an Amtico flooring solution reaches you, it has passed 43 product checks to guarantee you high-standard quality – every step of the flooring process is controlled by trusted and well-qualified experts with industry experience and knowledge.

What is Amtico flooring made from? The products are made from a resin that is compounded with mixed stabilisers and high-quality plasticizers. Because of the ingenious method of production, the final flooring product is very thin yet extremely durable – the ingredients are compressed under high pressure and high temperatures.

Amtico's flooring is also known for its a like-like resemblance to natural materials. The company achieves that using customised printed films which are placed between the protective layers and safely glued. This makes the looks of natural stone and wood planks very endurable and eye-appealing. The looks are preserved by a coating of super tough urethane which protects the film from scratches and makes the regular maintenance simple and easy.

Amtico offers both high-quality commercial and residential flooring solutions. There are different collections which can meet the demands and tastes of every customer. The collections are versatile and provide great durability, incredible design and performance. No matter which one will fit your preferences, your premises will look flawless.

Amtico is recognised as a leading manufacturer and supplier of modern and stylish flooring design. The Flooring Group values this beneficial partnership and looks forward to creating history in flooring industry together!