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Kersaint Cobb Flooring

The Flooring Group is pleased to collaborate with Kersaint Cobb – a supplier of a splendid range of floorcoverings sourced from the finest producers across the world. The company gets inspired by the natural surroundings to create incredible flooring solutions and bring character to your home!

Kersaint Cobb provides wood flooring and natural fibre carpets that can transform every living premises into a unique place by adding richness and mixing traditional and contemporary designs.

The company is environmentally-conscious and fully committed to respecting the Earth – you can see that even from their collections as they reflect the beauty and variety of the nature. Kersaint Cobb works with raw materials derived from sustainable and well-managed sources.

Kersaint Cobb prides the fact that the company provides high-quality carpets from around the world – you can choose the finest carpets sourced from Europe to New Zealand for your house. The materials range from soft and warm wool to the more intriguing jute, grass, coir and sisal. Invite the world into your home – from natural shades through modern stripes to vibrant colours, Kersaint Cobb has it!

When speaking of the wood flooring collections, the company relies on timber that complements the natural beauty of knots and cracks. Kersaint Cobb even provides a 'Grading Scale' for its ranges so a customer can easily see what he should expect from the colour and frequency of the knots and decide which is the best flooring solution for his home.

The Flooring Group and Kersaint Cobb has created a long list of satisfied customers – our company highly values our partnership!