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Westex Carpets Flooring

The Flooring Group presents you Westex Carpets – a company with a history of over 35 years in the premium carpet industry. Having such a prominent partner is a pleasure for us – providing customers with high-quality carpet solutions is a top priority for both companies!

Westex Carpets is a manufacturer that combines excellence in performance, innovation and design to create luxury, durable and resilient 80/20 wool nylon and 100% wool carpets. The company is based in Cleckheaton. Everything started with sheep farming in the heart of England – West Yorkshire.

The company was originally known as a master dyer – Westex Carpets wanted to provide a wider range of colour and quality within British carpet manufacturing. Through the years, the company became much more – a special dye service, quality control checks, a team of esteemed professionals and the constant development and strive for innovation and improvement, made the Westex Carpets a preferred choice for both residential and contract markets.

The company recognises its legal and social obligations and always makes sure that the influence on the environment is set to minimum. Westex Carpets operates with care and continuous investment to meet and exceed all current environmental guidelines.

A fact that is worth mentioning is that all of the carpets manufactured by Westex Carpets have an anti-dust mite treatment applied. This protective treatment is called Actigard. It prevents your carpet from accumulating dust mites, bacteria, mould fungi and their allergens. The protection lasts the lifetime of the carpet!

The Flooring Group looks forward to continuing doing business together with Westex Carpets – offering the ability to choose bespoke colours to complete any interior scheme is what customers praise the most!