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Commercial Flooring News


The Flooring Group has been retailing Cavalio for a few months now.

Below Cavalio explain the benefits of their products to customers;

The stunning Cavalio collection of luxury vinyl tiles has been designed to harmonise attractive, practical flooring with endless creative possibilities.

We present two distinct ranges, Conceptline & Projectline, which authentically replicate the stunning beauty of natural materials, combined with a protective treatment to suit modern busy lifestyles. Each design faithfully portrays the beautifully unpredictable variations of wood and stone to give you a photo finish with every project.
Cavalio cleverly spans a variety of use areas across the board from residential to commercial settings. Conceptline is designed for every room in the home along with light commercial interiors, whereas Projectline, with a superior protective layer, is engineered to meet the demands of heavy commercial projects, whilst also being highly relevant for all areas of the home.

Every tile and plank in the Cavalio collection features a polyurethane surface treatment to help protect your floor from every
day wear. To ensure your Cavalio floor stays looking its best there are tailored and simple maintenance instructions for both
residential and commercial interiors.
Complete Care Kit:
To help keep your floor looking its best, Cavalio have
developed a range of cleaning products. The handy kit is the
ideal solution for keeping your flooring in top condition long
after it has been installed. For further information about our
cleaning products speak to your flooring retailer or call us
directly on 0845 345 5404.
Install a good quality entrance mat by exterior doors to
collect loose dirt and grit
The application of a suitable floor polish is advisable to
assist with ongoing maintenance
Sweep or vacuum your floor every day
Regularly use a fresh mop and neutral cleaning solutions
to evenly clean your floor. Remember to collect and dispel
all excess fluid into your mop bucket
Address spillages as soon as you can to reduce the risk of
staining or causing slips
Insert protective pads and cups under furniture to protect
your floor from scratches and indentations
Regularly trim your pets claws to help avoid scratching