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JUST a few weeks before the last Christmas, we left our state of the art training centre situated in Loughborough and travelled down south to the premises of one of the sponsors of FITA for a training day.
It was a date that I particularly remember as it was my youngest son’s birthday.
But I couldn’t miss this CFA, FITA and NICF training session held away from home.
FITA is generously sponsored by numerous manufacturers, distributors and contractors.
This sponsorship for FITA allows us to continue to train and develop the industry to the highest standards and to demonstrate the latest and best products available.
Along with the greatly appreciated financial support, the sponsors also supply us with products to use during our training sessions. They also give us product data sheets for our library and to give to attendees.
Additionally, the sponsors help us to spread the message of training across the industry. In return we give their products exposure to existing and potential customers.
We hold a variety of training sessions away from our base in Loughborough, which benefit the sponsors as well as providing important CPD material for our instructors.
A key element of the success of this type of training day is the ability of the participants to have hands on, practical experience.
There were 15 of us at the training day at Ardex. We were treated to an informative series of demonstrations which were presented in an entertaining and professional manner.
This was not unlike the training offered at the FITA centre in Loughborough.
We thank the host company on this occasion for providing some great hospitality.
Training has many benefits to you as an individual and to your company: It helps to increase your productivity and will give you and your organisation the competitive advantage you need to do well in these tough economic times.
Training also serves to boost the morale of everyone involved.
You’ll find many of the courses that we offer outlined in the comprehensive CFA Training Guide which is readily available. You need only ask.
We have reported in CFJ on many other training days for FITA instructors and CFA members hosted by manufacturers. But we’re always looking for new ideas and sponsors and partners to work with.
What about you or your organisation? I would welcome your ideas and any contribution you can make as a sponsor or if you are willing to help host a joint training event. FITA, CFA, NICF and I would be happy to work with you.
We deliver independent, not for profit training and assessments. There are many benefits for your company.

Give Tracy Gregory a call on
T: 0115 941 1126
M: 07554 015215

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