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Changing The Look, But Not The Flooring

THE flooring industry is still not as environmentally friendly as it could be with many failing to embrace sustainability:

Now in mid-winter people generally spend more time indoors, a good time to encourage homeowners to focus on interior improvements.

Primary concerns for the client are often speedy work (to have the work completed quickly) as well as achieving the desired end result. Until recently, clients were less concerned with the environmental credentials

of refurbishment.

A key message we flooring professionals can push is sustainability – in terms of sourcing wood, treating wood,
manufacturing processes involved, and the ver y sustainable idea of renovating a floor. Known as the ‘throw-away’ generation, we more often replace items rather and repair and reuse them, despite environmental reminders everyday.

If you can salvage or recycle your flooring, why not do it? Figures reveal that the UK produces over 400 tonnes of waste ever y year, with 54% still sent to landfill. In fact, 80% of all wasted product could actually be recycled.
Unfortunately, construction is one of the biggest contributors to the problem. That’s why the flooring trade needs to contribute as little waste as possible.

As an eco-friendly flooring product, wood is a great choice. Some people think that due to its origin, wood isn’t very sustainable. However, when sourced correctly, this is definitely not the case. Harvested wood is carefully selected and then replaced. Also, remember the life span of wood – it can last for many years.
Another option for flooring contractors is to use reclaimed wood – material from a previous floor installation. Reclaimed materials are seen to offer rustic and characteristic charm.

Also consider how you can re- work what is already in place. Not only does a wood floor look great,
it will last. And you can change its appearance entirely, giving the home a complete revamp at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Products available today can repair and revive the appearance of wood flooring. It can be a simple finish or a recoat or coloured product to change the floor’s appearance entirely.

This, in my opinion, is a great option as no new wood is required. To be extra eco-friendly, you can even opt for a natural treatment.

Craig Pawson is a flooring specialist at Osmo UK

T: 01296 481220

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