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Characteristics Of Cork Flooring

There are a lot of benefits you can get out of installing cork flooring in your home. Cork has been used for multiple purposes and has recently become a good candidate for home flooring use. Because of its natural structure, cork flooring makes a great supplementary element for insulation of both heat and sound. Cork flooring boasts of this unique attribute. And as such, it has gained quite a popularity among consumers. Indeed, cork flooring has become a great choice for interior designing. With an environmentally friendly and flexible personality as a plus, cork flooring qualifies as a superb flooring product for any home.

Cork flooring provides comfort under the feet because it has a natural ability to insulate warmth and give cushioning to the feet. Its unique composition also provides it a rich appearance that makes it perfect for use in both residential and commercial interiors. In addition, the colors of the cork flooring planks are ably compatible for any design you may want to apply to your home. You can mix and match colors with your décor to get the most attractive look possible. On top of all this, cork flooring is very renewable. Since it is created from renewable materials and is made environmentally friendly, a home owner will encounter no difficulty in refurbishing cork flooring. A perfect choice material for dampening sound, cork flooring is the solution for keeping in noise and preserving the pristine calmness of your home’s environment.

However, the advantages of cork flooring for home and office use do not stop there. There’s a few more that must be brought to the public’s attention. Here is a summarization of the significant characteristics of cork flooring:

• Durability – aside from being able to lessen foot stresses, cork flooring can also endure heavy traffic and damages.

• Comfortable – this feature denotes a higher level of comfort experience when walking on cork flooring and minimization in the probability of breakage when fragile items fall on the floor.

• Sound Insulation – cork flooring has a natural ability of dampening sound, making it a very desirable material for use areas where you desire to have silent footfalls.

• Heat Insulation – it can provide warmth which is an additional comfort to the floor when you are walking barefoot on the floor.

• Renewability – cork flooring is made from the remainder of other cork products and therefore does not cause any damage to the environment and is easily renewable.

• Appearance – it has a variety of unique patterns that can adapt to any interior design and its texture can augment your home’s appearance.

The fact that cork flooring is a refined, high-density flooring material makes it not only a practical home flooring material but a highly aesthetic one too. It last for many years and is ideal for areas that endure very heavy foot traffic. With so many designs available, you can freely express your artistic vision. Cork flooring is very efficient and is a convenient decorating material. And given its characteristics, there’s no doubt that it deserves to be part of any home.