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Check Out These Essential Factors For Good Drying Of The Floor Finish!

According to London flooring contractors, one of the most frequent mistakes concerning applying finish products to the freshly sanded floor, is underestimating the importance of drying conditions. Actually, London flooring specialists conclude that there is much information when it comes to applying finish, but in case the drying condition are not appropriate, the whole hard work will be wasted. Learn more:

  • London flooring experts put thickness at first place when they discuss curing and drying time. Any product is characterised by optimum film thickness. London flooring companies are aware that up to 4 coats of the substance must be applied in order to achieve the the required thickness. London flooring contractors advise you not to apply more than 3 layers in one day. Normally every layer of finish dries from the top to bottom.
  • Temperature of the air is also very important according to London flooring specialists. It’s obvious, that if we paint something and the surrounding temperatures are low, the paint will remain wet much longer. London flooring contractors reveal that cold air is less capable to carry vapor. There is also relative humidity – it means that damp air /no matter its temperature/ has smaller capacity to absorb dampness. London flooring experts claim that great possibility to carry vapor is efficient and useful only in case the damp air may be eliminated from the space. In fact, the most important feature for successful and effective finishing is the so called air movement.
  • London flooring manufacturers point some figures for relative humidity and temperature (generally around 18 -24 degrees centigrade and 35% – 65% RH). Most often, it is enough to open the door and a window. Thus you will allow the warm air within the room to flow slightly across the floor and out of the window. London flooring companies recommend not to do this instantly. Better allow the finish to become sleek without being exposed to air flow.
  • Let us remind you the harmful consequences of insufficient airflow! The finish will remain soft and you may think that the product is low-quality. The truth is that the molecules of the substance will not end up in their rightful place.
  • London flooring contractors remind you to pay attention if the necessary temperature is feasible. In case it’s the winter season, is the heating turned on. Secondly, London flooring specialists point the humidity. You have to pay attention if there is a reason of increased humidity /sometimes recent plastering work is such a factor/. The appropriate airflow is also very important according to London flooring experts.

For instance hairdressing salons often can’t provide the appropriate conditions for site finishing. Actually the temperature is OK, but the air is too damp and good airflow can’t be created.

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