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Choosing The Right Carpet Fibre

Q. I have four kids and three dogs. I need a carpet that is able to take a beating. My question: I am confused about carpet specifications. What is BCF? I see these initials on the back of some carpet samples but not others? What does this mean?
Alan’s response:
BCF stands for Bulked Continuous Filament. You want to buy a carpet made from a continuous filament fiber. The work “Bulked” refers to a process where the manufacturer makes the strand of fiber beefed up, or bulked to create a fatter and more beefy feel. Think of it like using a volumizer on your hair, it makes it feel thicker and fuller. The “CF” or Continuous Filament, means the strand is formed or “extruded” in one long strand. When they make carpet from a CF fiber is virtually eliminates…