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Clean Sweep

Suitable cleaning and maintenance is key for flooring to keep its appearance:

Altro has formed a partnership with cleaning expert Delia Cannings to promote cleaning best practice. She is showcasing a range of the company’s floors and walls in her new cleaning training centre in Birmingham.
Delia now runs her own training centre, Environmental Excellence Training & Development. She has over 30 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, including most recently in the education sector where she was Business Development Director for a Birmingham college.
In addition to her work for the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP) she acts as cleaning science advisor to many organisations including direct services contractors and suppliers. Delia has made a number of television appearances, is a regular contributor to both national media and professional journals.
The new training centre has been built to support, deliver and assess a range of Delia’s educational programmes specialising in cleaning and environmental science.
Delia said: ‘In setting up the cleaning training centre, my vision was to create an environment where cleaning professionals from industries such as hospitality, sport, education and healthcare, could see first-hand the inspired scenarios they could develop in their own premises, and learn how to clean and maintain them for optimum results.
‘I have worked with Altro for many years and their products are absolutely at the cutting edge of professional flooring and walling solutions.
Delia’s training centre features a showroom of a broad range of room scenarios where Altro products have been fitted. These include a bathroom, hi-spec kitchen, sluice area, bedroom, toilet, offices, conference room, storage area, and a dedicated space which showcases a number of different Altro floors.
Altro works closely with a wide range of customers and industry experts such as the Dementia Services Development Centre and the Health and Safety Executive as part of their vision to constantly improve their products and services.
Altro products used include the Wood Collection; Walkway Plus 2mm safety flooring in a wide range of colours; Suprema II, a design-led safety flooring in 40 colours; and several ranges of Whiterock wall cladding.
Beaver Floorcare is promoting the restoration of tired, worn and dirty flooring, which would otherwise be prematurely sent to landfill. Claiming to be passionate about delivering sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions – even for flooring that customers believe are simply unsalvageable – Beaver provides a consultancy service that it believes will see an increasing number of floorcoverings rescued and fully restored.
One client who has reportedly benefited from this approach is Anglian Water. The utilities firm faced sending a large amount of dirty and flat synthetic carpet tiles at its Oakham site to landfill.
The fibres seemed crushed beyond repair and restoration attempts using a hot water extraction system had been unsuccessful. Beaver was called in. A consultation deduced that the deep clean methodology previously devised – with the addition of highly absorbent microfibre bonnets – could successfully restore the tiles, if the process was effectively executed.
Beaver carried out the specialist exercise and the flooring was fully reconditioned, saving Anglian Water from the expense of an unnecessary carpet replacement.
Bona has updated its established spray mop for wood floors. The new mop works in the same way but includes a cartridge of tile and laminate cleaner designed to clean hard floors such as ceramic tiles, laminate and vinyl.
The new Tile & Laminate Spray Mop kit contains the spray mop, a refillable 0.85 litre cartridge of ready to use tile & laminate cleaner and a microfibre pad which can be washed up to 300 times.
It is said to be quick and easy to use, just spray and wipe the floor clean. It’s easy to assemble too and the rotating head allows cleaning under and behind furniture and bathroom fittings.
The refillable cartridges and a 4 litre refill pack of cleaner are available separately.
The mop is said to be effective on shiny surfaces, such as black ceramic tiles, as the non-streak formula leaves no residue and dries almost instantly. There are POS display stands for retailers and the mop can be a free gift or add on sale, for contractors to give customers on completion of a job! Some Bona contractors build the cost of the mop into a job, presenting it when calling to collect their final payment!
Fila says its Fila PS87 is designed to deep clean both natural and manufactured stone tiles, claimed to provide exceptional results without compromising surface characteristics. The three-in-one solution is a stain remover, detergent and wax remover for use either diluted or neat. In particular, it can be used for deep cleaning poorly maintained floors to restore both aesthetics and slip resistant properties.
The product is intended for use on terracotta, quarry tiles, porcelain, glazed ceramics, concrete, linoleum, rubber and PVC, unpolished marble and agglomerates. Undiluted, it can be used to remove stubborn stains from a range of surfaces, including porcelain.
Diluted it reportedly deep cleans and removes grease and wax. For best results, it should be left to act for a few minutes, before the surface is scrubbed with a brush or single disc cleaner.
Available in one litre and five litre containers, Fila PS87 coverage rates are said to be 200sq m maintenance (1:20), 20sq m wax removal (1:5) and 30sq m initial stone cleaning, per litre.
Fila is offering free samples of its degreasing cleaner and wax remover – Fila PS87 – to CFJ readers.
Flowcrete UK has developed a ‘transform and protect’ microsite to give a comprehensive insight into its car park decking system, Deckshield.
Featuring product specifications and case studies, the site includes a downloadable new brochure (also available in print). It features a car park product selector guide, with a guide to the types of Deckshield suited for different environments.
A technical zone highlights features including slip resistance, water permeability and speed of cure, while a sustainability section demonstrates key green attributes, including its VOC free formulation.
Flowcrete UK guarantees the in-situ performance of Deckshield and its credibility is verified by third party accredited testing. The product is also compliant with both BS and DIN standards as well as ASTM C957
The new microsite and brochure join a range of informative material from Flowcrete UK, which also includes a RIBA-approved CPD which outlines the criteria used when selecting car park decking and the test methods available to evaluate such systems.
Mapei says its Mapefloor maintenance kit is designed for professional cleaning and periodic maintenance for different surfaces, including Mapefloor resin systems and Ultratop cementitious decorative floors.
Each kit includes three products: a cross bond metallic wax, Mapelux Lucida, to protect floors in intense traffic areas; Mapefloor wax remover, a multi-action, low foaming detergent to remove old wax film, including cross-bond metallic wax like Mapelux; and Mapefloor cleaner a water-soluble, high concentrate low-foaming detergent for routine maintenance.
All products are developed to safe-guard floor performance characteristics and aesthetics.
Mapefloor maintenance kits contain two 5kg bottles of Mapelux Lucida, a 5kg bottle of Mapefloor wax remover and a 5kg Mapefloor cleaner.
Mapelux Lucida and Mapefloor wax remover are also available in 10kg drums.
Nilfisk documented an industrial cleaning project for its client Craftsman Tools based in Otley, West Yorkshire, highlighting performance, cost savings, longevity, service and support, as well as ROI (return on investment).
Craftsman Tools makes precision tool and work holding equipment. Like many UK manufacturers, it relied on the broom and scrubbing brush to keep their factory floors clean. Once a week two men using brooms, scrubbing brushes and a wet vacuum would thoroughly clean 10,000sq ft of shop floor.
It took a total of 10 man hours and consumed 125 litres of water. The mechanisation proposed included a Nilfisk SW750 sweeper and BA551 pedestrian scrubber dryer with Ecoflex detergent system.
As a result of mechanisation a weekly cost saving of £89.95 or 49% was realised, equating to an annual saving of £4677. With equipment costs totalling £6151, the initial payback period is as little as 16 months.
Paul Hobson, engineering manager for Craftsman Tools commented on the case for mechanism and the results; ‘Dust levels were previously an issue, but the SW750 pedestrian sweeper really keeps the dust down. It certainly beats going around with a broom!
Osmo offers a range of ‘environmentally friendly’ maintenance products. Its Liquid Wax Cleaner is designed for occasional intensive maintenance and reconditioning to revitalise, maintain and enhance wooden floors. Developed to take care of stubborn stains on oil and wax treated flooring, it involves a thin application with a lint-free cloth and polish. This odourless and water-repellent product is also available as a spray.
For a more regular cleaning regime, there is Osmo’s Wash and Care, described as effective and water-soluble for quick, easy and thorough floor maintenance. Said to be suitable for high traffic areas, it is designed to both clean and freshen the floor.
Overmat says its Woodboy has been the most multi-functional single-disc machine on the market for decades.
The machine can reportedly be used for sanding, cleaning, buffing and polishing of floors. It is also designed for floor preparation, such as residue-removal.
Now Overmat has introduced a new type of Woodboy 4000/32-3. This follows the older 4000/30 range. The new model is equipped with the same strong motor and construction, but has an improved handlebar.
The new handlebar is designed for easier and safer use. The new Woodboy has to be started with two hands, to comply with health and safety laws.
In addition, the new machine contains an improved ventilator which is more effective in cooling of the motor.
The latest improvements are said to make the Woodboy even more efficient and more solid.
Pallmann states that existing pre-finished solid or engineered wood floors can now be safely re-coated even if there is little wood left to renovate. That is thanks to its PALL-X 350 two-component bonding agent.
Developed to ensure adhesion between existing surfaces and the new lacquer coating without intermediate sanding, PALL-X 350 is said to provide a fast, uncomplicated and cost effective refurbishment of wood floors, even where a conventional refurbishment seems impractical.
The product is said to be especially useful where an additional coat of protection is needed, corrections of sheen levels are necessary on newly laid pre-finished floors or in areas of light damage.
The application of PALL-X 350 additionally provides edge protection and joint closure for newly laid solid and engineered boards, says Pallmann.
Even the alteration of the sheen or the level of anti-slip can be adjusted with a subsequent lacquer coat.
The product’s application can also change an oiled surface to a lacquered surface without the need of a full sanding cycle, it is claimed.
Sebo says its cleaners, including the BS 36 and BS 46 Comfort, Dart, Professional D8 cylinder and UHS polisher, are designed for commercial environments.
The BS 36 and BS 46 Comfort upright professional vacuum cleaners are claimed to provide superior performance, outstanding reliability and be easy to maintain. The comfortable handle grip and low handle weight reportedly allow for easy, efficient movement while the 175W brush motor turns off when the machines are upright.
The flat-to-the-floor design and telescopic tube system are said to add to the overall cleaning flexibility, while the electronic guidance system advises the correct brush height, warning when the brush strip is worn out. It will also switch off the brush motor in the case of an obstruction to the brush.
The Professional D8 machine is described as taking cylinders to a new level with exceptional performance combined with an ergonomic design, large capacity and quiet, economic operation.
The Sebo kombi multi-floor cleaning head has a double-jointed neck for easy movement while the AirBelt bumper protects walls and furniture from marking and damage.
Another option is the Sebo Dart upright vacuum cleaner said to offer powerful performance while being lightweight, versatile and easy-to-manoeuvre.
It boasts a ‘Flex’ neck, S-Class filtration, an on-board hose, a crevice nozzle, 4-level height adjustment and auto shut-off. When detached from the power head, it becomes a suction machine.
Finally, the UHS polisher is designed to restore and keep hard floors, including solid wood, marble, vinyl, linoleum or granite, super sleek.
It is embedded with micro-diamonds in the pads to polish out imperfections and create a smooth gloss finish.
Sika claims to have eliminated the time consuming method of scrubbing and chipping away at hardened concrete with its new Sika CemClean, described as a non-aggressive, non-corrosive cement cleaner designed to easily remove concrete from surfaces and tools.
Due to its non-corrosive nature, the cleaner is said be kind to the user, the environment and the contaminated surface.
It can reportedly be used either neat or diluted to safely remove concrete build up from tools and surfaces and efflorescence on brickwork.
It is said to be suitable for most types of surfaces, including concrete floors, brickwork, paving, metals, plastics and glass.
By establishing the level of contamination faced, a suitable solution can be mixed to treat the area.
For a light to medium coverage, the cleaner can be applied neat or diluted with a brush or low-pressure spray before being left to work for 30 minutes.
After this time, the tool or surface can reportedly be easily scrubbed to remove any excess and then rinsed with clean water.
To treat heavy contamination, a very strong or neat solution is advisable. The surface or tool should also be left overnight to allow the cleaner to work.
Smaller tools completely covered in cement can be submerged in the neat solution.
For the correct dilution to treat contamination, contact Sika for its dilution guide.

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