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Advice on cleaning and maintenance is a valuable part of a contractor’s service:

Bona supplies a range of cleaning and maintenance products for use by floor owners (private homes and floors in commercial or public areas) that make an add on sale for contractors after they have installed a new wood floor or renovated an old one!
In homes or for smaller commercial floors, the Bona Spray Mop is designed for day to day cleaning.
It’s supplied with a cartridge of ready to use wood floor cleaner and a microfiber pad that goes in the washing machine after use. It reputedly sprays minimal liquid on the floor which is simply wiped away leaving a streak free finish that dries almost immediately.
Further sales opportunities include the four litre Wood Floor Cleaner refill for topping up Spray Mop cartridge and Bona Wood Floor Refresher system. This system is designed for periodic use when the floor starts to look dull. It’s reported to be easy to apply using Bona’s special wool applicator pad. It is designed to fill in tiny scratches restoring the original surface sheen.
The company recommends that contractors always build in a maintenance regime to the specification when renovating or fitting a commercial floor. Clients will be anxious to protect their investment and avoid having to re-sand and seal again for as long as possible.
Bona’s maintenance products for commercial floors include the Deep Clean System which can offer further opportunities for add on sales or repeat visits to carry out professional maintenance work.
The company has produced A4 sized laminated maintenance guides for use by housekeeping and janitorial staff to help wood floor owners use the correct Bona maintenance products in the right way.
These are available on request. Two versions are available as floors coated with oils or lacquers require very different maintenance treatments.
Maintenance guides for consumers are also available to send out with quotations for work in private homes.
British Nova NovaGard reportedly costs a little more than the standard metalised emulsions being used to protect and enhance the finish of flooring such as rubber, linoleum, vinyl, thermoplastic, asphalt, sealed wood and cork floors.
What separates NovaGard from the rest is its durability and endurance levels (a full year in school corridoors) and that it requires only a single coat. The savings in product usage (5L covers approx 250sq m), energy and labour costs are said to outweigh the initial costs for this premium product.
Used in conjunction with the established NovaCare Antistatic Floor Maintainer, it is said to leave a long lasting antistatic hard finish that requires no buffing.
And when it is important to have a sanitised polished floor, then NovaTron Bactericidal Floor Maintainer completes the package to clean, disinfect and deodorise.
Fila says its natural surface care range provides solutions for each stage of a floor cleaning and maintenance regime.
Products span from descalers and epoxy removers, to sealants and consolidating treatments, each designed to provide high performance and coverage, without altering floor appearance or compromising safety.
Within the range, Fila’s Green Line also includes 17 solvent-free products, which received The Tile Association’s Best Environmental Initiative 2014 Award.
New products include Filastop Dirt, a protective dirt-barrier for textured and unpolished porcelain tiles.
The new treatment chemically bonds without leaving a film, to create invisible protection that prevents dirt build-up and promotes fast and easy floor cleaning.
Filastop Dirt is also claimed to protects without altering the floor’s original degree of slipperiness (as proven in tests conforming to the BCRA and ASTMC 1028- 2007 methods, and in the English Standard BS 7976 Pendulum tests) making it suitable for application in high traffic commercial areas.
Osmo says it is answering the need for a good floor cleaner and protector with its environmentally friendly range of quality products.
Osmo’s cleaning and maintenance wax-oils help keep wooden floors looking as good as the day they were first installed. Made from natural waxes and oils, these products are tailored to the various properties of timber and to the specific demands of the areas in which wood is used.
The company’s maintenance products penetrate deeply into the wood, maintaining its elasticity and allowing it to breathe. Its Liquid Wax Cleaner is designed for occasional intensive maintenance and reconditioning which revitalised, maintains and enhances wooden floors.
Developed to take care of stubborn stains on oil and wax treated flooring, simply apply thinly to the floor with a lint-free cloth and polish. This product which is described as odourless and water-repellent is also available as a spray.
For a more regular cleaning regime, Osmo’s Wash and Care is described as a highly effective and water-soluble for quick, easy and thorough floor maintenance. Suitable to apply in high traffic areas, this product is said to clean and freshen the floor at the same time.
To make applying Liquid Wax Cleaner and Wash and Care simpler and more effective, Osmo offers Opti-Set, a four-piece maintenance set which includes a telescopic handle, dust-mop, micro-mop plus and an active fibre cloth.
Pallmann offers training courses to help maintain beautiful wooden floors.
The company’s experts will reportedly walk you through the five steps to cleaning and maintenance for wood floors.
The session is designed to provide hands-on training for all aspects of wood floor maintenance and it’s free to attend!
The company’s training sessions are run at its technical forum in Rugby.
For more information or to book a place call: 01788 530 080.
Pallmann wood floor installation systems are said to be fail safe when used correctly.
That’s why it offers a two years warranty to people attending each of its five steps training sessions for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wood floors.
Truvox battery-powered floor cleaning machines are stated to deliver valuable benefits.
When it comes to improving health and safety, battery-powered floor cleaning machines are reportedly proving to be an increasingly popular choice.
In its information sheet, ‘Slips and trips: the importance of floor cleaning’, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that slips and trips are the most common cause of major injuries at work, costing the industry over £500m a year.
It suggests that removing obstacles is one way to reduce risks, and places cables and leads from cleaning equipment as the first in its list of potential trip hazards.
Natalie Dowse, marketing and product manager for Truvox International, says battery-powered floor cleaning machines are said to help reduce the risks of injury thanks to the fact that they have no trailing cables or leads to cause hazards to staff in the workplace.
On caring for your batteries, Natalie advises building in regular maintenance time, saying that this will help to extend the life of your batteries.
To prevent a battery being discharged too far, some floor cleaning machine manufacturers offer battery-powered models that incorporate electronic low battery cut-out devices. Basic and routine battery maintenance should include:
Check cables and connectors for cleanliness and ensure they are secured tightly;
Sealed batteries are usually referred to as ‘maintenance-free’. However, connections and cables will still need to be checked and maintained;
Never leave deep-cycle batteries in a unit that will not be used for extended periods of time, without placing them on charge occasionally. All batteries will self-discharge over time, so it is important to keep them topped up;
Keep batteries and battery-operated equipment away from heat sources while storing them, as high heat effectively ‘kills’ batteries;
Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) – including safety goggles/glasses – when servicing batteries;
Battery-power is said to be an increasingly popular option for floor cleaning, and as technology develops even more options will become available to contract cleaners and facilities managers.
Machines without leads are not only safer, in terms of reducing trips and falls, they are also easier to manoeuvre, and transport to and from different locations.

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