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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has been of recent growing demand. Customers all over London have grown to realise that there can be an efficient way to keep the property heated and running cost low. Stylish and modern designs combined with minimal heat loss is all The Flooring Group stands for.

The underfloor heating systems are two main types – electric and water. The electric system uses only electrical cables fixed inside the flooring to produce the heat. Whereas water systems need length in the piping system and pump to move it all over the floor. Each under flooring type has its benefits and is suitable for particular needs.

Benefits of Electric underfloor heating system:

  • Relatively easy to be installed and requires the expertise of a general electrician
  • Adds minimal floor height – the cables are thin and thus almost nonvisible difference in height is added
  • Provide less disruption of the existing floor
  • Is generally the only choice for retrofits, as it preserves the original look of the floor

Benefits of Water underfloor heating system:

  • The piping system is cheaper to run and thus more cost efficient
  • It is the preferred choice for newly built premises
  • Also, it is better suited for large areas as water pipes are bigger than electric cables
  • Can be done in almost every type of room

Underfloor Heating System

We are a trusted source of heating solutions that cover not only the indoors but the outsides of customers’ homes. We supply driveway heatings and anti-frost products of top quality.

Deliverance of excellence in manufacture, support and distribution is our mission.

We pride in customer commitment and open and honest relations. We hold only the highest standards and follow a strict business ethics of excellence and expert in every aspect. We are motivated to bring each customer the warmth of a cosy home.

Among our most effective products are:

  • Underground heating systems
  • Wall mounted heating solutions
  • Space heating of the latest technologies
  • Outdoor protective options
  • Insulations and adhesives for all types of floorings

The Flooring Group is a proud supplier of quality products of renowned manufacturers. Diversity is solutions and continuous drive to be best positions our company as a leader in the market. With over 40 years of experience, we have never disappointed our customer and will continue to be as contemporary and prominent in our business.

Do not hesitate to visit one of our London showrooms and get expert advice from our experienced staff.

Underfloor Heating Installation