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Common Carpet Installation Concerns

You’ve taken the day off from work just to be there when it arrives. You’ve swept. You’ve inspected your subflooring. You’re really excited to start carpet installation, and then something goes wrong.

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Don’t panic. Many carpet installation concerns are easily dealt with. Here are four common carpet quirks that are easily resolvedew England Institute of Restoration and Cleaning:

“It’s crushed!” Your beautiful beige wool carpet has been stretched flat across your floor, but it just doesn’t look right. It doesn’t have the light, cushiony look or feel that it did on the showroom floor. Likely, this is the result of roll pile crush. The weight of the carpet when it was all rolled up for storing or shipping has packed down the pile. It is more pronounced in carpets with high pile.
Start by talking to the installers. If they think it’s only roll pile crush (and they’ve seen a lot of carpets), the first prescription is to give it a good daily vacuuming. Often, this is all that is needed to restore the carpet. Contact the retailer if it hasn’t sprung back up in a couple of weeks. They can send out an inspector and may use steam to bring the pile back to life.
“I can see the seams!” Relax, you’re carpets will. Seams are a fact of life with carpets. When they are first installed, you may notice a ridge effect along the seams making them even more pronounced. In most cases, this won’t last forever. Give it some time (and a few good passes with the vacuum) before you start to worry. If a few weeks have passed and your floor still hasn’t settled down, then it is time to put in a call to the carpet installation experts.
“It’s shedding!” New carpets will shed for a few days to several weeks. You tend to notice it more with darker fibers. Daily vacuuming will help to alleviate the problem. If the shedding gets worse or you start to see tufts of carpet coming loose, it is definitely time to make a call.
“It’s darker than the sample!” There is a slight variation you should expect in carpets, especially natural fibers. Samples, too, may have faded over time or simply be from a different dye lot. If the difference in the color of your carpet versus the sample is pretty minimal, there’s no need to worry. When the color difference is significant, it’s best to check in with the retailer before the carpet is installed.
The Best Protection: Keeping Carpet Installation Receipts
It’s unlikely that your carpet will have a defect. Still, it’s a good idea to keep good records of your carpet purchase and installation. This is the best protection you have in the event something major does go wrong.