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Abingdon Flooring

The Flooring Group is delighted to announce its partnership with Abingdon Flooring, a supplier of high-quality carpets. Below, in their own words, Abingdon Flooring explain their products;

Abingdon Flooring is the UK’s largest manufacturer of quality carpets. In the last 12 months, over 500,000 customers have selected one of our ranges! These have been purchased via our select band of premium retailers.

About Abingdon

Abingdon Flooring is the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of quality carpets. We are a British based company with facilities in South Wales, the West Midlands and the North of England. We employ a total workforce of 400 people, currently producing in excess of nine million square metres of carpet per annum. This is enough carpet to get you to the U.S.A. and back every year!

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You have our assurance that we use only the best, top grade raw materials when making our carpets. We have an ongoing investment programme which is always in excess of ?2 million per year. This ensures we remain at the cutting edge of technology, performance and customer care, guaranteeing we meet the needs of both retailers and customers alike!

Our strong consumer brands offer a product portfolio second to none, giving you a choice of style, colour, price and suitability, all backed up by our unique guarantees.

The Alliance delivery service is our latest investment in modern day transport, geared up to offer you a speedy and efficient delivery service. Our latest “Track and Trace” logistics software, allows a retailer to follow an order’s every move until it reaches its final destination.

Our Warranty

At Abingdon Flooring we believe your carpet selection will be made with style, luxury and colour foremost in your mind. However, wouldn’t it be even better to have practicality and performance guaranteed, at no extra cost?

With this in mind, all our branded carpets from Kosset, Stainfree, Wilton Royal and Weavercraft, carry either a Stain Warranty or Wear Warranty (or both), to give you that guaranteed peace of mind, totally free of charge!

Wear Warranty

The Wear Warranty is Free and Exclusive and gives peace of mind against wear out during normal domestic use. This warranty is unique to Abingdon Flooring and covers over 40 different carpet ranges in a variety of constructions and qualities.

Offered by the country’s best known brands Kosset, Stainfree, Wilton Royal and Weavercraft, the carpet quality determines the length of the wear guarantee.

5 Year Wear Warranty
Valued enhanced products for less frequently used rooms throughout the home.

7 Year Wear Warranty
Ideal products for all around the home combining beautiful aesthetics with value for money.

10 Year Wear Warranty
Heavyweight carpets that combine superb good looks with a hard wearing capability and where fine good looks and levels of high performance are required.

12 Year Wear Warranty
Extra heavyweight carpets made from the finest yarn, fit to grace any hard wearing location in the home.

Stainfree for Life Guarantee

Nearly fifty ranges in a wide variety of styles and qualities carry the Stainfree for Life Guarantee. The success of Abingdon Flooring’s Stain Guarantee programme has been phenomenal, with over 150,000 satisfied customers having registered so far on the programme. It provides the ultimate peace of mind to anyone seeking to purchase carpets from Abingdon Flooring, whether it be via our Stainfree (bleach cleanable) or Kosset (stain resistant) brands

The Stainfree for Life Guarantee is free and provides you with the reassurance that every stain resistant carpet has passed strict construction standards and is protected against both staining and soiling using top quality fibres throughout. This no-stain technology prevents food and drink spillage from entering the pile fibre so that quick cleaning can remove the spill before it stains.

Remember the warranty is FREE… there is nothing else to pay. All we ask of you is common sense cleaning and that a regular maintenance programme is followed. This together with the Stainfree for Life Guarantee will ensure your carpet will go on looking good for longer.

Please Note: The Abingdon Flooring Stainfree for Life Guarantee applies only to carpets manufactured from man-made fibres and not to carpets containing wool.

Every Stainfree for Life carpet is…

  • Protect against food and drink stains for the life of the carpet.
  • Made from fibres which have built-in resistance to liquids, dust and dirt, thus protecting it against everyday soiling.
  • To register, simply fill out the registration card provided by your retailer after your purchase, or click here.

Every Stainfree for Life carpet is…

  • We guarantee to replace, free of charge, any carpet protected by this guarantee which has a food or drink stain that cannot be removed by a professional cleaner*
  • A Special Free Guarantee Helpline service to answer and provide advice for any cleaning enquiries.

Carpet Care

Remember carpets do get dirty under normal use and looking after your carpet and maximising its good looks is dependent on the level of simple maintenance which is applied by the owner. The lasting beauty of your carpet depends on attention to a few simple, easy-to-follow steps…

  • Retaining the good looks of your carpet
  • Cleaning techniques
  • Other details

1. Vacuum Frequently
The best way to reduce soil accumulation and prolong the life of your carpet is to vacuum frequently, especially in those areas where high levels of traffic are common. For all cut pile carpets we recommend an upright cleaner with an active beater bar to help loosen and lift soil from the pile. Loop pile carpets are best maintained using a suction cleaner to minimise snagging and damaging the loop pile.

2. Clean areas of frequent use
The most-used areas of the carpet – entrances, doorways, traffic lanes, around a favourite chair, etc., are going to collect dirt much faster that the remainder of the carpet. Cleaning these areas when they just begin to look soiled stops the dirt from spreading to the rest of the house and can extend the time between professional cleanings.

3. Attend to stains and spills immediately
Most stains and spills are far easier to remove when attended to immediately. Please follow the advice in the Cleaning Techniques section.

4. Periodic professional cleaning
Airborne particles of dust and oils will eventually leave a thin dull film on even unused parts of the carpet. To help overcome this natural soiling, periodic professional cleaning of the carpet is essential. Carpets perform best when properly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner using specially formulated cleaners developed for your carpet.

Aqua Pro-Tec

We all lead a rather busy lifestyle these days at a very hectic pace. It’s therefore only natural that more people than ever are choosing to buy a Stainfree polypropylene carpet that really is bleach cleanable and guaranteed to be Stainfree for Life!

STOP and wait a moment until you hear this… the people at Abingdon Flooring have created something even better, it’s more convenient and user friendly! A protective barrier that makes any liquid spill sit on top of the carpet and not soak in! How’s that for liquid engineering?

The bonus is that you can simply soak up the liquid and watch it disappear before your very eyes. No fuss, no smell, just good housekeeping. Perfect for the modern home.