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Adam Carpets & The Flooring Group

Back in 1869, when demand for carpeting was spreading and growing, two families – Tomkinson and Adam, joined forces in Kidderminster and began weaving first, Chenille and then Spool Axminster, however, in 1926 the Adam family left the partnership and opened up their own factory. By the end of the 1970s, tufted production took over and closed its weaving side of the business. Since then, Adam Carpets have launched different carpet products and made innovations through innovative production processes.

Adam Carpets are well known for quality and the company offers up to 65 colours at their own dye house, pushing the boundaries of carpet manufacturing. Their iconic twist range, Fine Worcester, is described as a benchmark by which all other carpet manufacturers are measured. The wool used in all domestic ranges is 80% wool and 20% nylon and is proven to be the finest blend that can be used. The wool used is British Wool as it will wear well and retain the wonderful appearance giving lasting pleasure and comfort.

The brand has become synonymous for its high-quality products offering both sensible and elegant designs from the simple Castlemead Twist to the iconic Inspirations range. Alongside the domestic carpets, Adams design, make, dye and sell bespoke carpets for the hospitality industry.

Innovation doesn’t stop with the production process, Adam carpets are members of Enco Environmental Network and are committed to the goals of reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, effective use of raw materials, minimizing environmental impacts and is in complete compliance with the environmental legislation.

Adam carpets have developed a bi-product from waste products as raw materials for paper mills. They have also turned two waste materials into what is needed to make carpet underlay, and recycled energy and water in the dye house so they can be reused. Adam carpets is an active participant in several industry-leading environmental developments and continue to support and contribute to local charities.