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Commercial Flooring News

Altro – High-Quality Flooring and Wall Cladding Solutions

Altro has been at the forefront of innovation for close to 100 years. They are working closely with architects, designers, end customers, engineers, with insight and expertise that help them improve the wellbeing of everybody that uses their products. The production range of Altro covers all indoor areas – floors, ceilings, walls and many in between products for a fuller experience.

The company is constantly turning creative thinking into practical and real-world solutions. They always maintain the highest standards of safety and durability and have become synonymous with quality.

It has started and still is a family-founded business, with a strong sense of value. Altro has accommodated the way of thinking of The Bauhaus, to have a balance of quality, form and design-led function. The company embraces the bold, the brave and the new, seeking new ways of inspiring their customers.

With offices across Europe and the Americas, the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Altro will continue developing solutions that stand the test of time.

We collaborate with Altro with pride to provide more customers with the best in a contemporary style and functionality to improve the way we all live and work.