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B.I.C. Carpets

The Flooring Group can supply & install B.I.C. Carpets to customers. Below, B.I.C. Carpets describe their products in detail;


One of the questions we often receive is about carpet cleaning. In fact there’s no special guide to keep your carpet clean. Cleaning your carpet on regular moments will increase its ‘lifetime’ cycle. Please have a look at the documents in pdf for more information.

Unpacking your finished rug
When you receive your brand new BIC-Carpets rug we ask you to carefully check this. If you have any doubts or questions, please inform your retailer. He will be glad to assist you.

Installing BIC as wall to wall
It’s obvious that a high quality product needs a different approach. There are several ways to install the carpet. This is all depending on the circumstances and the way you intend to use the carpet. Please check the information in the file.

Help, the wool is all over my place.
In fact this is just normal. Nothing is wrong with your carpet.  Depending on the yarn material, carpet fibres can have some pilling. This is nothing to worry about, but is indeed a little bit annoying for you. We apologise for this inconvenience.  Read the attached file on pilling to have the exact information.

Shading, pile pressure or pile reversal 
These are natural characteristics of all cut pile carpets. This is especially noticeable on plain and tonal shades or open ground designs, and is the result of pressure causing a change in the direction of the pile, giving light and dark patches, accentuated by room lighting.  This does not affect the quality or lifetime of the carpet and is not a fault of manufacture. The regular use of an upright cleaner will help to alleviate this effect.

Belgium, and more particularly the Flanders region, has been throughout history always very intensively engaged in the cultivation and production of linen.  The presence of numerous retteries in the region is the silent evidence. But also the location near the river Leie at the time was very important!

B.I.C.-Carpets has its production facility at about 800 meters from this river.  Because B.I.C.-Carpets products are all still produced in Belgium.

And that is something we’re quite proud of!

Pellava is an honest quality.

A simple weaving structure with a 100% cut pile.

But the linen yarn in this carpet was refined for us and is of the highest quality. There is nearly 1,5 years of development alone for this linen yarn.

Linen has a natural gloss. A kind of patina, and this just makes this yarn so attractive. This simple weaving structure moves the carpet pile in all directions. This results in a product that is full of nuances. A product of which you have the impression that it is made up of several colours.

A rich product that adorns its simplicity.

Consciously we bring this product in 4 soft natural tones. Pure and silver grey are the light shades. Rosy brown and slate grey the darker shades.

All sizes and formats are possible.

In 2003  B.I.C.-Carpets started with a thorough research into how new materials can be applied in their carpet structures.

It was decided that “Wilton weaving technique” would remain as the basis for their quality and that the passionate search for new yarn materials would give the products an added value. This thinking was globalized in our codename ‘ELEMENTS’.

Elements because of the extra value that different materials bring. Elements because of the basic thinking that products can redefine themselves.

This concept has proven to be successful; in the meantime products like Eos, Shadow, Grand Prix, Dusk and ily have been launched.
In 2012 the research department continued to work in this way.
Early 2012 Bloom, Pinna and Room have been added to our collection.
Now, in 2013 we’re proud to launch Pellava, Dew en Led.
See you at Architect at work , Zurich Messe stand 39  May the 15th and 16th.

B.I.C.-Carpets is working on some nice items. Things you may expect from us, but also some surprising new stuff.

This is the only reason that we won’t be attending anymore shows. 

In January 2014 you can see us at

IMM Koln

Maison & Objet Paris

Surfaces Las Vegas

B.I.C.-Carpets launches a new project.

We offer the possibility to make custom made products.

In the past B.I.C. was your partner for high-quality custom made products produced on our wilton looms. Colours, structures and designs are bespoke as from 100sqm.

Now we also add the possibility to make tailor sized rugs in  the various qualities. Due to some new investments in tuft  machines we can now make the rug in the colour that you  prefer.

In some weeks time we will also bring some new ideas and some superb tufted products.