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Barnscroft of Devon – Luxury Sheepskins and Cowhide Rugs

Barnscroft of Devon is The Flooring Group latest supplier. It is a company with a simple vision and aims to provide beautiful and natural home products. They are a major supplier of sheepskin and cowhides directly from their base in Devon. They value their source and their customers and work by the law of making everyone a part of their family. The company values both its products and customers to the same extent.

The company believes that the natural products of theirs come as a compliment to every house style. The country vibes are represented through their conventional sheepskin rug. Softening any interior design through the use of modern rectangular rugs is also their specialty. And all can be complemented by the same kind of cushions by the sofa for example.

Barnscroft use source materials mainly from the UK, but import also from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. As a manufacturer, they have come to realise that different countries produce different products based on the breed of the animal, the weather conditions, and the grazing. This allows them to personalise every rug and fit it to the need of the customers.

Barnscroft goes by the rule that natural is healthy. They stimulate farming as they use a lot of sheepskin and wool products. And moreover, wool has the natural benefits of being non-allergenic, non-irritating and asthma free material, which make it perfect for everyday use. On the other hand, cowhide is a beautiful and hardy material which is easy to maintain.

The Flooring Group is proud to enlist Barnscroft among our range of suppliers. You can browse Barnscroft products on our website.