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Beech Flooring – Pros And Cons By The Flooring Group

Beech is a hardwood flooring solution which is preferred by many homeowners because of its unique patterns and a soft light colour. This type of flooring has a very distinctive appearance and is immediately recognisable. Along with that, Beech floors are naturally scratch- and shock-resistant – The Flooring Group recommends this flooring for both residential and office premises. However, before installing it, you should consider both its pros and cons. Beech flooring is harder than oak wood floors and top coat protection can be used on it to provide more durability and resistance. However, if you are considering installing floor heating, beech is not your best flooring solution. It is not waterproof so damp areas should not be provided with this flooring type. If you need further information, visit one of our shops – The Flooring Group has several stores and showrooms around London! Our assistants will be happy to help you!