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Best Wool Carpets

The Flooring Group has been selling Best Wool Carpets for a long time now. Below, Best Wool Carpets further define their products to our customers;


Interior design is our inspiration: the creativity of architects and designers knows no borders. Natural influences – both traditional and ultra-modern – are always shown off to stunning effect in interior design publications.

We take our inspiration from these natural influences and increasingly savour stylish living and working environments. Best Wool Carpets believes that exclusive wool carpets are tops when it comes to style and quality. The design, color and material of a high-quality natural carpet sets for the tone for the entire interior. 

Best Wool Carpets is an innovative producer of beautiful and luxurious wool carpets. The company’s strong reputation has won it a place among the top three wool carpet manufacturers in the world. Not without reason. The high quality of Best Wool Carpets’ durable natural wool carpets is available throughout the world. 


Best Wool Carpets was established in 1982. Our production facility in Best in the Netherlands uses both traditional techniques and state-of-the art equipment to manufacture this unique wool product.
The worldwide success of our high quality carpets is in the good hands of highly skilled craftspeople. All our stylish and modern wool carpets for international interiors are manufactured in the Netherlands. 

Our wool carpet collection is sold throughout the world by an exclusive network of distributors. Best Wool Carpets forges loyal bonds between consumers and its partners: nothing welcomes you home like a luxurious wool carpet!


The tufted wool carpets manufactured by Best Wool Carpets are positioned at the high end of the market. These stylish textured carpets are made by skilled craftsmen from natural raw materials to provide the perfect combination of exclusivity and durability for our modern times. 

Best Wool Carpets is an international trendsetter in the development of high quality wool carpets, partly due to the suitability of the carpets for a wide range of commercial applications. The collection is exclusively supplied by partners throughout the world, from the United Kingdom to America, Russia, Canada and the Far East. 


With its abundance of sheep and a strong tradition in wool production techniques, New Zealand is the biggest wool exporter in the world. This wool, unique to New Zealand, is 100% natural and offers consistent quality. And because it is exceptionally pale, it can be dyed in full color as required.

Wool has an in-built resistance to soiling due to its natural oils. Stains are easy to remove by gently dabbing with lukewarm water.

Refined New Zealand wool is pure, and therefore it is perfectly suited for manufacturing high quality carpets with the look and feel unique to a natural product. It comes as no surprise to learn that Best Wool Carpets uses this wool in its innovative Hospitality and other collections.


Clients and end users know they can count on a wool carpet that meets the highest standards of quality. Flexibility is our watchword, as we know how things can change over time.

Best Wool Carpets will always try to meet the client’s specific requirements in terms of design, color, meters and delivery time. This flexible attitude lies behind the worldwide success of Best Wool Carpets, as does our commitment to working efficiently.

At Best Wool Carpets, skilled craftspeople bring their time and talents together to create affordable products.


As a leading player on the world market, you are always looking for the best quality for your clients. That is what has brought you here to Domotex today. Best Wool Carpets is delighted to make your acquaintance. Best Wool Carpets supplies exclusive, durable wool carpets to its international partners.

The Best Wool Carpets collection is exclusively supplied by partners throughout the world, from the United Kingdom to America, Russia, Canada and the Far East.