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Birch Hardwood Flooring – Pros And Cons By The Flooring Group

Birch floor is a very elegant flooring solution that can make your premises more eye-appealing and characterised. When compared to other hardwood flooring types with limited resources, you will notice that its price is much more competitive. Birch flooring is soft and comfortable underfoot. It is never out of style thanks to its colour and clear annual rings. However, just as any other flooring type, there are some disadvantages that should be noted. Our flooring specialists point out that birch is not that strong and resistant against corrosion. If any heavy item falls on the floor, the surface may be damaged. Therefore, you need to take care of your floor and pay extra attention to its maintenance to prolong its service! In order to make your smartest decision, visit the nearest store of The Flooring Group and we will provide you with expert advice!