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Brooks Bros

The Flooring Group has had a long partnership with Brooks Bros in selling wood flooring to our customers. Brooks Bros have more to say below;

Brooks Flooring


Brooks Bros is uniquely placed to offer real choices in hardwood flooring. From traditional oak to contemporary walnut, both solid and engineered wood, ready-finished or not, and, if you’re looking for something that bit special, bespoke flooring.

With some 50,000 plus square metres of solid and engineered flooring always held in stock Brooks Bros can offer a positive solution to any hardwood flooring enquiry. That also includes supplying the tools to complete the job, add the perfect finishing touches and ensure the flooring stands the test of time.

Flooring showrooms at Maldon and Nottingham staffed by experienced specialists, allow Brooks Bros to demonstrate all aspects of its flooring products and services. Add to these the sales desks at Skelmersdale and Sewstern and you can be assured that Brooks Bros can answer enquiries swiftly and can supply stock available at any of these four strategically placed distribution centres.

Specially sourced and selected from well-managed and sustainable European forests, BrooksFloor Buckingham Solid Oak flooring is manufactured here, in the UK. The result is a wide range of variously graded boards with an equally wide choice of size options and finishes. 

A true ‘heavyweight’ multi-ply option that displays all the stunning and timeless characteristics of wood through a choice of species, grades and a surprisingly wide range of finishes. 

With such a wide choice of grades, finishes and board widths you’ll be hard pressed to make an instant decision here – but whatever your choice you won’t be disappointed with the end result.  

This sustainably sourced range of European timber is engineered into the very finest collection of flooring products. Brooks Bros are holding substantial stocks of this superb range. Engineered with 3-ply stability | Solid oak top layer | Solid Rubberwood core | A wide choice of finishes and colours | Widths up to 290mm | Lengths up to 2.4 metres.

A solid walnut floor with the benefits of an engineered plank.

EUTR stands for European Union Timber Regulation and became law on 3rd March 2013.
All EU member states will be required to enforce a robust due diligence tracking system to screen out imports of illegal timber into the EU.
Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd welcomes and supports the introduction of EUTR and is totally committed to making it part of its existing and already stringent purchasing policy.
As a major UK (and therefore European) importer Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd must ensure that all timbers/timber products purchased, that then enter the EU, comply with the regulations laid out for products listed in the EUTR legislation.
In brief the EUTR separates into four categories. The two relevant to Brooks Bros (UK) being Operator/Importer (Brooks Bros) and Trader (Our Customers).

As an Operator/Importer (Brooks Bros): EUTR requires us to implement a due diligence system to prevent the placement of illegally harvested timber on the EU Market. This minimum must include:

  • Access to information on volume, species, scientific name, country of harvest, sub-national region of harvest and concession of harvest.
  • Access to information on the sources of timber products: name and contact details of suppliers and compliance with applicable forest legislation in the country of harvest.
  • Risk Assessment on the basis of the information gathered.
  • Risk Mitigation if a high risk is identified during the risk assessment process. This means that Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd might need to gather further information on the species, the sub-national region of harvest and the concession of harvest in order to avoid purchasing and placing illegally harvested timber on the EU.

As a Trader (you, our customer): EUTR requires you to keep records of whom you buy the timber from (your supplier/importer) in the EU and whom you sell it to (your customer).

Can I buy timber with a EUTR certificate?
NO. EUTR is not a certification scheme and the competent authorities in the EU member states will not issue a certificate on specific shipments or suppliers.
If I am FSC certified do I then need to prepare for EUTR? 
YES. Being certified is not sufficient, however you can use certifications in your due diligence process.
I only buy European grown timber – do I need to worry about EUTR? 
YES. But, because the risk of the timber being illegal is most likely low, your due diligence can be very simple.

EUTR comes into force on 3rd March 2013.
FLEGT or CITES licenses are considered to comply with EUTR requirements, thus no further due diligence is needed.
FSC, PEFC and other certifications do not currently have EUTR recognition. Certifications can be used to mitigate risk in the due diligence process making such process less complicated.

Responsible Purchasing Policy

1.1 Commitment by the management
Brooks Bros is committed to procuring timber and timber-products from legal and, where possible, well-managed forests that are certified according to credible certification standards or are from post-consumer recycled materials.
As a cornerstone of that commitment, we will adhere to the Timber Trade Federation’s (TTF) Environmental Code of Practice and pursue a Responsible Sourcing Programme to promote the use and marketing of legal and environmentally responsible forest products.
1.2 Continuous improvement
We commit to continuously improve the sustainability level of our sourcing by favouring stricter and more credible certification and verification standards and sourcing requirements. We are committed to avoiding sourcing from unknown or unsustainable sources.
1.3 Certification
Where possible, we are committed to procuring wood products that have been certified against credible, internationally recognised standards for good forest management to ensure that the material originates from a well-managed forest.
In line with the UK Government’s Central Point of Expertise in Timber (CPET) approved schemes, we preference products certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
Where this is not possible, we seek to purchase legally verified products, including Rainforest Alliance Verified Legal Compliance (VLC), NEPCon LegalSource, Bureau Veritas Timber Legality Origin (OLB), SGS Timber Legality & Traceability Verification (TLTV).
1.4 Legality
We are committed to sourcing only material that is produced, processed and traded according to applicable legislation and will seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of their country.
1.5 Social responsibility
We are committed to avoid engaging in or benefitting from controversial business practices. This includes, but is not limited to, providing a safe and healthy working environment and avoiding forced labour, child labour and discrimination. If we become aware of such issues in our organisation or any of our suppliers, we are committed to taking appropriate mitigation steps.
1.6 Environmental responsibility
We are committed to promoting responsible stewardship of the environment and its natural resources. We are committed to lessening the impact on the environment caused by our own activities or those activities carried out by our suppliers and sub-suppliers.
1.7 Supply chain management and information
We will ensure that information about suppliers and sources of material are evaluated and the necessary information is collected to enable effective risk assessment.
1.8 Risk assessment and mitigation
We will assess our timber and timber product supply chains to evaluate the risk of the material being illegally produced, processed and traded. Where risks are identified and cannot be classified as negligible, we will carry out appropriate risk mitigating actions. This information will be made available on request to independent verifiers.
1.9 Monitoring and verification
We will carry out applicable monitoring of internal systems and procedures. Access, as necessary, will also be given to external audits to verify whether relevant systems are in place and are being subsequently implemented.
1.10 Review and adaptation of policy
We will ensure that this policy and related documents are periodically reviewed and appropriately revised. We are committed to working with NGOs, governments and trade organisations to improve our purchasing policy.
1.11 Communication to stakeholders
This Policy will be made publicly available and will be communicated to suppliers and interested parties.

Environmental Strategy

Over the next five years, we aim to improve our environmental performance to deliver more sustainable products and services against ambitious targets. We will do this by continuously working with our suppliers, encouraging and promoting responsible environmental practices. We will improve and monitor the environmental impact of our business operations against ambitious targets, reporting on our performance to our stakeholders.

We Will:

  • Develop our environmental programme, with dedicated resources for in-house expertise.
  • Continue to comply with all environmental legislation, including the EU Timber Regulation (995/2010).
  • Measure and reduce our corporate carbon footprint.
  • Utilise materials efficiently and minimise waste.
  • Give back to our local community by supporting socially beneficial initiatives.
  • Equip sales staff with knowledge to understand and communicate the environmental status of products.

We Will:

  • Report our environmental performance publicly.
  • Make accurate environmental claims so that our customers can make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Train our staff on our environmental policy to ensure its effective implementation.

We Will:

  • Continue to purchase timber and timber products that are harvested and traded legally in the country of origin.
  • Continuously increase the proportion of certified and verified products year on year, with a preference for FSC®.
  • Promote environmentally beneficial products, such as lesser-known species and modified timber.
  • Work with our suppliers, particularly in the tropical regions, by building long-term relationships that enable them to transition towards more responsible practices.
  • CE mark relevant products to ensure their safe use in construction.

We Will:

  • Stay abreast of the latest regulatory, technological and market developments to ensure our policy is effective and relevant.
  • Engage in the certification schemes that we use, to improve their credibility and applicability to business.
  • Support industry, governmental and NGO initiatives that foster innovation towards more efficient and impactful sourcing of sustainable products.

As members of the UK Timber Trade Federation, we are signatories to the TTF Environmental Code of Practice and TTF Responsible Purchasing Policy.

Machined Hardwood and Machined Timber

Brooks Bros’ machining operations offer customers real added value: like the savings you can make compared with running your own machining operation, the greater flexibility you have and the better business opportunities you can take.
Each one of the Brooks Bros’ UK sites has the facility to take supplying timber several steps further, in order to deliver timber ‘perfect for requirement’ very competitively.
Today, processing timber demands intelligent system solutions from start to finish…from sawing to delivery…and at every step in between. We have tended to build our systems around the finest German produced machines and systems (Raimann ripsaws and Weinig Powermat moulders feature heavily in our inventory) to give us consistent, top quality production.

Brooks Bros consistently offers some 50 of today’s most popular timber species (one of the broadest available from a single UK supplier). Timbers, from the familiar and popular to the more exotic, all hand-picked to the customers’ requirements.

From par to a bespoke moulding Brooks Bros can supply precisely what you want: from stock in some cases or to your precise requirement.

From a sample, a description or even better a dimensioned drawing, a technical CAD drawing of the required profile is made and on signed approval a cutter template is produced directly from the CAD drawing from which the profile cutters are then ground.

Brooks Bros’ state-of-the-art mill facilities are equipped with a range of 23 moulders (including Weinig Powermat 500, 1000 and 3000 new generation moulders). So, whether it’s a large batch production run or a small multiple set-up job, a unique profile that needs to be matched or a more standard profile, producing accurate and competitively priced profiles to the highest possible standard of finish is something Brooks Bros has the expertise and ability to excel in.

No matter what your machined timber requirement (ex-stock or bespoke) ask Brooks Bros first.


We operate five finishing lines – equipped with sanding heads and dust extraction to ensure the best possible finish – that can apply water based lacquer, stain and primer coats (from a basic sealer coat through to a fully finished product).

Perfect for picture frame and other mouldings/profiles, this two-line operation provides high quality solutions to specific customer needs by matching the colours of natural timber and other materials.

Our CNC router offers aperture, lock, hinge cutting and drilling facilities.


Laminated timber is a factory-produced material made by gluing together (under high pressure) accurately machined lamellas of solid timber. With the installation of the latest Taylor Laminating Press, we can produce laminated timber sections up to 150mm x 900mm x 4.9m. By taking material from our extensive inventory of both hardwood and softwood species (including FSC and PEFC certified) and using the most appropriate glues we have produced a variety of bespoke orders: like solid wood worktops manufactured in the ‘age old way’ – using wide boards, cut in full lengths and random widths (details available on request).


  • It’s stronger: because of it’s multi-layer engineered construction
  • It’s more stable: because its not like solid timber that tends to distort as it absorbs or expels moisture as it encounters various temperature changes: hence it is less likely to shrink or swell after installation
  • It creates less wastage: because it eliminates removing defects coming to you already clear of knots, splits and sapwood
  • It streamlines manufacture: because it is supplied in uniform sections, that can go into making the finished product the minute they are delivered, it creates a cleaner working environment
  • It’s reliable: because the construction ensures the quality is consistently maintained throughout
  • It’s ‘greener’: because it is 100% FSC certified, produces a much more efficient use of the logs and reduces the need for unnecessary raw material stock-holding

Fire Retardant and Preservative

Brooks Bros can offer the full range of fire retardant treatments in class 0 and class 1 in accordance with BS 476 parts 6 and 7.

Treatment can be applied by either a pressure impregnation process, or through an automated spray applied finishing line. 

Timber preservative treatments can be applied by our in house double vacuum system or surface coated through our Universal finishing line.

Bespoke Mouldings

From initial request to delivered order… from quotation (same day from specifications received by 12 noon) to confirming the order… from cad drawing (with CNC template) to in-house tooling… from sawn timber to finished profile… everything about our mouldings is handled in house.

We have the timbers (normally in stock). We have the facilities to create the profile if it isn’t a standard (off the shelf). We have the means by which to finish the process: lacquering, priming, staining – even foil wrapping.

And we have the distribution – normally in seven working days for a bespoke requirement.

As standard, and in stock ready for immediate delivery, Brooks Bros hold a comprehensive range of imported Shorea (Meranti) profiles (which include par sections, beads and window frame profiles) and a wide and comprehensive selection of moisture resistant MDF, double white primed profiles that includes architraves, skirting, rails, window boards and beaded panelling.

Brookstech FSC Laminated Timber Components

These are supplied by section and length in a variety of consistent, end-use dimensions. So, turning them into the finished product (a window or door frame profile or a staircase component) requires little preparation and less time in manufacturing than it would if using solid wood: therefore creating less waste, less handling and less wear-and-tear on machinery.

Brookstech components are produced from fine quality European Oak, European Redwood and American Oak logs sourced from well-managed forests that are FSC® certified. The components, that can be used both internally and for external applications, are available ex-stock, ready for immediate nationwide delivery (usually within 3 days).

Brookstech: a technical description

European Oak, European Redwood and Sapele (non FSC) Stock



European Oak and European Redwood Stock

American Oak and European Redwood Stock



Brooks Bros offers standard supply deck boards in a range of five popular species with smooth, reeded and grooved profile variations. To complete the work we also have a full range of matching components and, if required, supply bespoke machined deck boards to order.


  • Scandinavian Pine: grooved and smooth profiles – various sizes – preservative treated
  • Southern Yellow Pine: durable, contemporary look from North America – preservative treated
  • Yellow Balau: warm, yellowish red, durable hardwood – various sizes and profiles
  • Massaranduba: a richly coloured, dense and strong Brazillian hardwood – various sizes and profiles
  • Ipe: the ‘cream’ of hardwood decking, rich colour, very durable and stable – boards both smooth and profiled
  • Components: handrails, spindles and various components to match the decking of your choice



Brooks Bros timber cladding is an environmental and sustainable, low carbon, good thermal insulation and aesthetically pleasing material that provides an effective decorative covering for both exterior building facades and interiors. It is supplied mainly to BS1186 Part 3:1990 from sustainable sources and is either FSC®, PEFC or CSA certified and in-line with the Government Timber Procurement Policy – CPET.

It is easy to fix, can be pre-finished (coatings, lacquering and staining etc), preservative treated to BS8417:2003 and fire retardant treated to BS476:1997, Parts 6 & 7 or Euroclass C or B to further enhance its durability.

Profiles and grade can be tailored to suit customers’ requirements.

Brooks Bros works closely with reputable timber and construction industry bodies to ensure appropriate detailing and fixing details are provided. 

It is available in a variety of hardwood and softwood species, profile patterns and dimensions. 

Species: Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, Douglas Fir, European Oak, FSC Eco-Teak (non Burmese origin) and ThermoWood® Lunawood® and Plato®wood (these are thermal modified woods using European whitewood or redwood materials).

Panel Products


As part of our one-stop shop policy, panel products form a big section in our ‘complete timber products portfolio’. From our range we offer a wide selection of panel types and size options, and all at competitive prices.

Among the products we list, that add texture and colour to any number of interior applications, are MDF, blockboard and chipboard veneered panels in a wide choice of wood veneer finishes. Our standard boards include good quality Russian and Finnish Birch plywoods, Far Eastern marine grade and flexible plywoods, blockboards, standard and flexible MDF and hardboards.

The products we list are normally available from stock for nationwide delivery within 48 hours. If you need anything sooner please call for details. As part of its ongoing service to customers Brooks Bros is regularly adding products to its inventory, so if what you are looking for isn’t listed, please call and ask.



Oak Doors: A product that maybe sits more with flooring but one that Brooks Bros has taken time over when it comes to finding the best. Available in a wide range of styles (from two and three panel up to fifteen panels) and in sizes 35mm thick by 1981mm high by from 457mm to 838mm wide and supplied with toughened glazed panes.

French Oak Cottage Style Doors: A selection of superior quality handmade doors in a number of size options panes.

Made to Measure Doors: Bespoke manufacture with a choice of rose nails and braces.

Handles and Hinges: This hand forged door furniture, chosen to add an authentic feel to the oak doors, is available ex stock, has a natural beeswax finish which gives a slightly matt look and can be buffed to a soft patina finish. 

Mouldings to Match: Of course, the real finishing touch as far as Brooks Bros door products goes is we can match them with architraves and skirting: either from stock or to order and add stains and finishes to enhance the beauty of the wood. 

Door Ancillaries (linings): These are made-to-measure in hardwood, softwood and moisture resistant MDF with optional intumescent grooving, stops and thresholds.



Kebony is a revolutionary external timber product ideal for cladding, decking, flooring and yacht applications.

It is a sustainable product made more durable, stable and aesthetically appealing through the infusion of biowaste (a process called Kebonization, that permanently modifies the cell wall of the timber).

Kebony profiled products:

  • Offer good resistance to weather, wear and decay with low life-cycle costs
  • Have a very low carbon footprint 
  • Turn from a golden brown colour to a natural silver-grey patina over time (exposure to sun and rain also creates an interesting effect of depth)
  • Require no form of maintenance beyond normal cleaning
  • Are manufactured by one of the world’s top 100 Cleantech Companies
    • Brooks Bros is pleased to be the sole UK supplier of Kebony products.