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Commercial Flooring News

CALEO – Floor And Ceiling Heating

The latest partner of the ever growing family of The Flooring Group is Caleo.

Interwall Technologies uses the latest in Graphene technology to create their unique alternatives to traditional heating systems. The conventional heating systems rely on air movement to heat the surrounding area, while infrared heating works by direct heat transfer. This method warms the objects directly, without air currents or raising dust particles.


Graphene is an atomic-scale honeycomb lattice which is made of carbon atoms. It is undoubtedly one of the most promising nanomaterials due to its unique combination of superb properties. Graphene is ideal for next-generation electronics. Interwall Technologies are bringing you the most innovative technology for your home!


With only a flick of a single switch, the heat will be evenly distributed throughout the floor. With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, customers can say goodbye to unsightly pipes and radiators forever! Safety and comfort, but also silence and cleanliness are important. Caleo system offers all of that at the highest level. In addition, it can be economically operated and bears the ability to be combined with renewable energy resources.

CALEO heating systems cost is much lower than that of the traditional heating.
Design and implementation of the system can be done in a single day.

This type of floor heating systems provide the ideal temperature at the height of the foot, then the body and the head, in contrast with the traditional heating where the ceiling is the warmest point of the premise.


While the other fancy heating system with modern heat producers and heat pumps can work economically, only the CALEO heating system combined with solar solutions can operate without any costs.