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Commercial Flooring News

Clarendon Carpets

The Flooring group has another trustworthy partner to present and that is Clarendon Carpets. This originally Scottish company has innovative ideas and excellent performance, that we are proud to work with.

The Clarendon Carpets’ operation is being fully supported by paperless warehousing, which is unique and inventive in nowadays conditions. And our collaboration is based on mutual commitment to cost effective product development and service range via the latest technology.

The company has focused primary on the use of the finest British resources such as top quality wool blends. The company is a strong supporter of “The wool campaign” aiming to raise the profile of the wool in the use of multi-range industries all overseas.

Needless to say is that their products are of significant importance to the Flooring Group, as per their diversity. Among the types of carpets they produce are wool texture, wool twist, anti-stain and soft touch. We value their expertise and praise their quality products. The company is flexible and values its partners as well as its customers.

We at the Flooring Group are delighted to be part of their ever growing family and are certain to continue the productive relationship further on.